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Enter: The Pink Gerberas

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“Mother Nature Got JOKES”

Greetings from the Adirondacks! I thought I’d share this little flashback  winter pic of snow for those of you who miss winter already. NAH! Just kiddin, took this pic earlier today. Mother Nature got jokes for us on this, the 26th day of April. We waited all winter for winter to show, and NOW it is trying to make an appearance.

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“Pink Gerbera Daisy”

I have been keeping busy in my little “jungle” to help me combat this cabin fever. These beauties came home with us from the grocery store last night. They were so pink and spring-looking and wanted me to take them home to brighten up our world a little bit while we patiently wait for spring to be a permanent fixture in our weather. If things go right, I will have more of these daisies to have year round!

I said my final good-bye to Lily the other day. She was still here sitting in her pot, withering away after the last few flowers failed. I planted the little bulblets into four little pots, with much hope and anticipation to help Lily live on. While I am realistic that they may not take, I am optimistic and I know that I will be elated if and when I notice any sproutlings.

On a side not for my vegan portion of my blog, I am a proud Mama today that has had a little bit of her worry removed. Since becoming vegan, I have worried about Baby Girl not getting enough nutrition that she needs to grow so I had her iron level checked at her appointment this morning. Her iron level was not only EXCELLENT at 14.1, but it was higher than we last checked before becoming vegan. Baby Girl’s doctor had told me back in January that oftentimes, the first thing that shows up when nutrients go awry is the iron level drops. I am elated to know that hers went UP since January! I can worry a little less know, knowing that she is a very happy and healthy, spry little two year old!

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2015 In Memorandum

We find ourselves on the last day of yet another year completed. Thankfully for me, 2015 was a decent year, full of many blessings. I managed to accomplish my goals for this year, somewhat anyway. I wrote more (every day for the past two months which is a personal record for me) and I improved on my photography. I would like to thank Korey Rowe, Yvonna Fast and Kim Hough, and the nice man in the neighborhood that gave me a tripod. Korey, words can’t express how thankful I am for your photography class, and for sending me the d40 so that I would have an SLR camera to work with. Kim, I am thankful for the photography goodies that you have given me, to help me along my way (I am anxious for spring to get here so I can shoot some nature macro) and Yvona, my improvement of my photography started out with your gift of your dear departed Jan’s Coolpix. It was the first camera that I have owned that I truly love shooting with! I am thankful for all the little and not so little things that others have helped me out with during the past year along the way I am thankful for all the little and not so little things this year.
I am thankful for all of my friends, near and far, in life and on Facebook. I know that some of you have had some hardships and pain of losing loved ones this year, and my thoughts are always with you. I know some of you have had a very good year, and that makes me happy for you.
I am not one to make “resolutions” for the new year, because resolutions seem to always get broken. I make goals for myself to strive for. My goals for this year include finishing my transition into veganism, improving my writing and getting a poetry book ready for publication, and hopefully, sharpening my photography craft to have some prints to sell this summer at the Art Walks. I did sell my first one and only print this past summer, for $2. It may not seem like much to you all, but for me, it was a giant step into the right direction! I intend to keep up on my correspondence, through Facebook and snail mail, to keep in touch with others. I plan to return to the work force this year, after taking care of my toddler for the past two years. I know that one will be hard, being away from her at all, because we have never been apart. I plan to work on and improve the Thought Gallery, for myself and for all of you to enjoy.
I welcome 2016 with open arms, and welcome all of you to join me!