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Snowy Tulip Dew

snowy tulips 2_023

Snow melts and gives way,

water droplets on display-

spring will soon be here.


JKulo 2016

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A Letter

A Letter

She’s halfway around the world as she writes him a letter,
sending her words of hope that might help make him better.
She sends him photos she hopes he’ll hang up on his wall,
to help remind him of the once peaceful times he may recall.

He’s halfway around the world as he opens her letter,
hoping what she has to say can help make him better.
He smiles as he hangs the photos up on his wall,
as he thinks of the once peaceful times he can still recall.

He’s halfway around the world as he answers her letter,
trying so hard to think of things not to sadden her.
He sends her a photo of Iraq, such a far away land;
he flashes the peace sign on the gun in his right hand.

JKulo 1/25/05

Dedicated to Brandon Shonyo

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Under the Weather but Overachieving

For the past week I have been feeling very under the weather, which thankfully, is unusual for me. At the same time, I was cramming a 3 week psych course in a week and a half, and have seriously neglected my writing and my cooking in the meantime. The cooking part was just because I was not well and did not feel like expending much cooking energy, the writing part was because the Psych class took up a good portion of my waking moments, including my Mama time moments whilst BG slept.

I am happy to report, that the bug is just about gone, the class is done and I am back to cooking up some delicious vegan goodies again. I cooked up another version (best one so far) of my crockpot applesauce (which I failed to post but will post this one) and an improved version of my squash sauce, which I plan to also use to make some sort of hummus in the future. Now that I have some free time again, I shall be getting at least those two recipes up sometime this week.

My next endeavors for my creativity are a couple of grants coming up from the Sustainable Arts Foundation (Thank you Yvonna for the heads up for it!). I intend to apply for two grants: one for my photography, and one for my poetry. I started my application for the photography grant today and I realized that it is a bit overwhelming. For starters, the written part of the application holds a lot of weight on the outcome of the decision, so I need to make that seem as bright and shiny and eye catching as I can, almost more so than the photograph part of my portfolio. I can enter up to 20 of my best photos, and that is also overwhelming to me, because I have a LOT of photos to sift through, from even just over the past year. For the writing grant, I can submit up to ten of my best poems, which there are a lot LESS of in number than my photos. I decided that 2016 will be my go-getter year, and I am well on my way by starting with these two grants.

Have any of you ever applied for/received a grant before? Any tips you would give me to help me along my way? Drop a comment below and let me know, and have a great day!

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A Peaceful Morning Reverie

A Peaceful Morning Reverie

I take my first sip

of my hot, delicious breakfast bitter.

My toddler-

she crunches on her mini-wheats

as she leans over me ,

to watch me write.

Her little blue eyes-

cannot comprehend my written words;

she is curious all the same.

The night sky –

slowly gives way to light,

as the sun struggles

to greet a cloudy day.

The church bells chime;

it is 7:00 in the morning.

I sip my coffee,

deep in thought;

I revel in the morning peace-

thankful to awaken another day.

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A Thought
by JKulo

As I was sitting there, in my favorite spot, in my favorite chair,
a thought crept into my head and I wondered if I dared;
to think that creeping thought that blankened my blue-eyed stare.
A reverie then came over me and swallowed up my despair.
Then the thought, it became a plot,
and I pondered it more and more-
but as quickly as it came to me,
the thought flew out the door!

Thoughts come and go and evade us and invade us on their own whims. They don’t care what time of day it is or what we are doing, or even if we are paying attention. Thoughts pay no mind, just as sometimes, the mind don’t pay the thoughts. I guess you could say, that thoughts have a mind of their own, and that we should embrace the rarity of being able to grasp onto one once in a while.

To a writer it can be an absolute hell to think up a fleeting idea and lose it as soon as it has been thought of. I have learned to always have a pen and some sort of notebook to jot down quick notes about such fleeting thoughts and ideas. Unfortunately in my case, a lot of ideas come to me for plots while I am dreaming. I am still trying to figure out some kind of sleep gadget that can catch my thoughts while I am sleeping, because it is just not practical to get up, turn a light on and get my pen and paper to jot the idea down. By the time I would have gotten up and blindly reached in the dark for the string to turn on my light, the thought would be gone! I could only ever dream of having such an awesome at my own writer’s will…for now, I’ll have to do it the old fashioned way and jot down the few things that I remember while I am awake!