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Rescue Me Roses


Over the past few months, I have gone from having one Devil’s Ivy to nine plants of varying types. Taking care of my plants has been helping me deal with some of the cabin fever. All winter long, I have been looking for a mini-rose bush to nurse through the summer and then be planted in a memorial garden this fall, as I did last year with some yellow mini-roses.

Last week, my wait for roses was over! I was grocery shopping at Hannaford’s (which, by the way, I need to give a shoutout to-I have gotten a few of my plants from there and have been absolutely happy with every single one!) and rounded the corner where the plants are. Before I saw them, I smelled them, though faint of a smell they have. There were three or four of these Kordana roses, so one came home with me.

This picture is one of the first blooms and it is absolutely lovely for my eyes to look upon, after a long, drab winter, devoid of flower beauty. I am extra pleased that they are two-toned. Only one problem…after doing research, I found out that these roses may not fare very well in our cold neck of the woods. The smaller ones like I grew last year fare much better around here.

“Regretfully”, I must keep the Kordanas for myself, since they will be better suited to grow inside. I am, however, very excited to yet again be on a mission for some new mini-roses to donate to the memorial garden this fall!