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Kordana Blooms Again


Greetings from Jenn’s little “jungle”! I happy to report that after a scary couple of run-ins with Baby girl, it has survived its special toddler lovings (in all fairness, she thought she was “helping” me) and is now blooming. Funny thing is, it’s not bi-colored like the last roses were, though it is still beautiful nonetheless.

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Nature Photo Challenge Day 5:

Rori 8x10_051
“My Little Apprentice Gardener”

What would nature be, without teaching our little ones about it? Nature is all around us, and it is so therapeutic for adults and kids alike.

With that being said, allow me to introduce my youngest little nature lover, Aurora, a.k.a. “Baby Girl”, pictured here with my Kordana rosebush. I had taken it down a few days ago to make room to shoot my Jade, and turned around, and there was Aurora admiring it. Luckily, she didn’t tear the stems out like the last time she was near the roses. I should like to think, that Aurora is learning to be a bit more gentle to our plants. Aurora likes to help me when I water and dust the plants, and she helps me hug and love the plants while we do so. I’m hoping to instill a love of plants in Aurora, so that she too, may enjoy plants, as much as I do. I am regretful that I am only getting into having plants within the last year, being that I never had anyone get me interested in them. At least Aurora will be exposed to the joy of plants from such an early age.

Here it is, my photo challenge for today. Yes, I know, I need to get out and get some new pics with my camera of some outside nature. In the meantime, we shall be enjoying the nature that we have to admire in our own living room!

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Diary of a Rose: First Entry



23rd March, 2016

Dear Diary,

It is kinda lonely being the only rose here on the bush. The Caretaker is always fussing over me since she brought me home from the store a few weeks ago. The Minion Caretaker made a mess of me a couple times and almost totally uprooted me but Caretaker saved me. She repotted me and pruned me back a bit and now there are so many new buds forming. Soon I shall have company!

It is a dreary day today. The Caretaker took my picture so that she could use it as a Photo of the Day submission on the NCPR website. Lily was featured as Photo of the Day yesterday and The Caretaker was quite pleased. She entered my picture today to NCPR. Caretaker may say how pretty Lily makes the room smell, but I know she thinks I make the room look prettier. She is always showing me off to anyone that comes over, bragging about how pretty I am. I may not be as fragrant as Lily, but I sure dazzle the eyes!

I love my new home and all of the attention I get. I get to enjoy the company of a few other plants while sunning myself all day. Since being repotted my branches have stretched right out and before long there won’t be room for many of the other plants without me touching them. From what I hear, a couple of the plants, the Kalenchoes, will be going into dormancy soon, leaving plenty of room for me on the cabinet!


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Rose Fever

march 20 blog_027

There’s a lot of fever goin here lately: cabin fever, spring fever, and now rose fever. I started off this year with just one lonely plant, my Ivy, and now I have nine decorating my living room.

Like children, it’s a joy to watch plants grow. I get such a feeling of confidence to know that I’ve been successful in my plant endevours. I’ll be honest, I am kinda partial to my Kordana roses at this point in time, because I have been looking forward to seeing roses all winter long.

“A Diary of a Rose” is born, a catalogue of my Kordana roses, that I will be blogging all spring and summer. I don’t know about any of you fellow flower lovers out there, but I know I look forward to the beauty of it all!


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Vernal Equinox 2016


It’s the first (calendar) day of spring, the day I have been counting down to for the past 150 days (since Halloween to be exact), and though it’s sunny, it’s a brisk 30 something degrees out there today. Two weeks ago I declared it spring when I shot some tulips starting to make their debut for spring. Since then, it has snowed and felt more like winter than most of the past 150 days.

Oh what a long winter it’s been, having a VERY gently used Nikon D40 that I haven’t been able to get out with much. While I have practiced with it taking various random indoor shots all winter long, I’d rather be outside shooting Mother Nature.

In the meantime, I shall continue to diary of a Kordana rose as it unfurls, blossom by blossom. The above is the second rose to bloom since I have had it…I said good-bye to the very first flower here…

Happy Vernal Equinox…it’s springtime somewhere!






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Life is Full of Thorns


I should like to think of myself as usually an even tempered person. I don’t get angry often, but boy when I do, my Scorpio temper is like napalm, leaving devastation in my wrath. I am a very patient person and can tolerate a lot, up to a certain boiling point.

I am having a bit of a rough day with family drama going on, but as I look across my living room and see my beautiful roses, my anger subsides a bit. I realize that people are not so unlike roses.  Like roses, some people are the rose, and some are the thorns. I just happen to be dealing with a thorn pricking me today. Life is also like a rose. It has its thorns, but it also has beauty in it like a rose.


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Adirondack Weather is Bipolar


Yesterday, I shot tulips coming up, today, a bit of snow. The weather here in the Adirondacks can be quite bipolar. Flowers one day, snow the next. I am thankful it was just a bit of flurries, but still, I’m ready for spring! I yearn to get outside, feel the warm sun upon my face and the cool breeze blow through my hair. I yearn for the beautiful photo ops that I know that Mother Nature will be showing us soon. I yearn for the smell and beauty of flowers and trees in bloom. I have cabin fever so bad, that I feel like I am just gonna die of anticipation for spring…and the sad part is, winter was not really winter-like for us Adirondackers this year, which makes me think we are gonna have a helluva hot summer in store for us, which I do not yearn for.


In the meantime, I will appreciate the beauty of my Kordana mini-roses in the comfort of my own living room! 🙂

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Rescue Me Roses


Over the past few months, I have gone from having one Devil’s Ivy to nine plants of varying types. Taking care of my plants has been helping me deal with some of the cabin fever. All winter long, I have been looking for a mini-rose bush to nurse through the summer and then be planted in a memorial garden this fall, as I did last year with some yellow mini-roses.

Last week, my wait for roses was over! I was grocery shopping at Hannaford’s (which, by the way, I need to give a shoutout to-I have gotten a few of my plants from there and have been absolutely happy with every single one!) and rounded the corner where the plants are. Before I saw them, I smelled them, though faint of a smell they have. There were three or four of these Kordana roses, so one came home with me.

This picture is one of the first blooms and it is absolutely lovely for my eyes to look upon, after a long, drab winter, devoid of flower beauty. I am extra pleased that they are two-toned. Only one problem…after doing research, I found out that these roses may not fare very well in our cold neck of the woods. The smaller ones like I grew last year fare much better around here.

“Regretfully”, I must keep the Kordanas for myself, since they will be better suited to grow inside. I am, however, very excited to yet again be on a mission for some new mini-roses to donate to the memorial garden this fall!