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Nature Photo Challenge Day 1:

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My dear friend, Yvonna Fast, nominated me to do a 7 Day Nature Photo Challenge, so I accept! I am going to do a little differently and feature it on my blog which will be shared to The Thought Gallery’s Facebook page.

Arbor Day is coming up on April 29th, and yesterday, I was thinking that I would like to get some sort of tree to get in honor of Arbor day to have in my little jungle. Much to my surprise and amazement, I already HAVE a tree! During my research for indoor trees, the jade plant came up. My little plant is only 4″ tall right now at its tallest spot, but given some years and lots of care, it will end up to be FEET tall! When I had gotten Jade, I had no idea that she was a tree, because if I had known, I would have scooped her up even faster! I look forward to watching my Jade grow, and eventually, propagate her. I’m thinking that would make great future gifts for loved ones!

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Diary of Jade…entry 1


Dear Diary,

I am Jade. I was rescued from the store a couple months ago by my dear Caretaker.

Caretaker is sad today…Lily has passed. Her last few flowers browned before they even bloomed. I have never seen Caretaker so sad about a plant. She feels like it’s her fault that Lily is gone already, but what she doesn’t realize is, they don’t last long. Not like me. She is a good caretaker to us all, and I appreciate that.

It’s starting to get a little lonely on my cabinet, with Lily gone now, and the two Kalenchoes going into dormancy for the summer. All that is left is me, Rose, and Pink Polka Dot plant, and of course, the family of Ivy’s that has their own spot on top of the bookshelf.

Dear Caretaker…don’t be sad. You have a kind heart and we your plants, know that you love us all and take care of us the best you can. I promise you, I will be around for a long time. I like it here, and though you don’t fuss over me as much as the flowers, I am less maintenance than they are.