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Growing Like a Weed

Happy Friday all! I’m just killing some time with a blog post until I get more writing assignments (more on my freelancing efforts to be discussed in a future post!) and thought I’d write a little update on my Calla Lilies.

The first pic was taken this morning, just two short weeks after sprouting (shown in the second pic) and I just cannot believe how quickly they are growing. The stalks are already five inches tall, and there are a couple more little sproutlings growingΒ  as well. I read that Calla Lilies are slow to grow and bloom, taking up to two years to mature and bloom. At the rate these Callas are going, I couldn’t imagine them taking that long to bloom, but we shall see.

A year ago, if you had told me that I would have 15 plants in my living room, I would have thought that a crazy notion, being that I’ve never had a green thumb. To be frank, I never really TRIED to be a green thumb. Sure, I loved plants, but I was happier watching others grow them.

Then last September while visiting my parents in Connecticut, my mom gave me a clipping that she had grown from her Ivy plant. I was so excited to have just that one plant, because it meant a lot to me that my mom thought of me enough to start me a plant.

My mom warned me that gardening is addictive and I laughed. I though, “ha ha, not ME, not THIS girl who has barely ever had a plant in her life!” Then winter happened, and I got caught up in the excitement of watching my Ivy grow, and I needed more. The more I was trapped inside and suffering cabin fever, the more I wanted plants to liven up myΒ  living room to ease the winter blues, if even for a little.

Fast forward to now, and my fifteen plants. With each plant that I have brought home, I have researched to learn how to care for them. Plants are like people, that each have different needs. Some plants need more light and water than others. Some grow a lot faster than others, (speaking of which, I have also learned that jade trees take a long time to grow. While I can understand this, I am happy to report that Jade has been thriving being in the direct sunlight in the windows, and she has many new leaves that have been growing for the past few weeks) and some plants are just somewhere in the middle. All in all, no matter what plants need what care, I am very happy to have them all in my care! πŸ™‚


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Diary of Jade…entry 1


Dear Diary,

I am Jade. I was rescued from the store a couple months ago by my dear Caretaker.

Caretaker is sad today…Lily has passed. Her last few flowers browned before they even bloomed. I have never seen Caretaker so sad about a plant. She feels like it’s her fault that Lily is gone already, but what she doesn’t realize is, they don’t last long. Not like me. She is a good caretaker to us all, and I appreciate that.

It’s starting to get a little lonely on my cabinet, with Lily gone now, and the two Kalenchoes going into dormancy for the summer. All that is left is me, Rose, and Pink Polka Dot plant, and of course, the family of Ivy’s that has their own spot on top of the bookshelf.

Dear Caretaker…don’t be sad. You have a kind heart and we your plants, know that you love us all and take care of us the best you can. I promise you, I will be around for a long time. I like it here, and though you don’t fuss over me as much as the flowers, I am less maintenance than they are.