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Growing FASTER than a Weed!

To say that my Calla Lilies are growing like a weed would be the  understatement of the week, literally! The pic on the left was taken just last week, only two weeks into growing, when the Callas were a mere 5″ tall. The pic on the left (and below to enjoy it in an expanded view) was taken this morning.

Callas week 3 (1 of 1)
Calla Lily Week 3: New Flower Forming?

The Callas measured in at 12 1/4″ this morning, more than DOUBLE their height in a week! Over the past couple days I have noticed some coloration, like maybe a flower starting to bloom, though I would doubt that being that they have only been growing for just over three weeks.

It’s AMAZING to have witnessed these Callas grown about 7″ in just over a week-that is almost a whole inch a day! Tune in next week to find out if they have grown taller than me! 🙂


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Growing Like a Weed

Happy Friday all! I’m just killing some time with a blog post until I get more writing assignments (more on my freelancing efforts to be discussed in a future post!) and thought I’d write a little update on my Calla Lilies.

The first pic was taken this morning, just two short weeks after sprouting (shown in the second pic) and I just cannot believe how quickly they are growing. The stalks are already five inches tall, and there are a couple more little sproutlings growing  as well. I read that Calla Lilies are slow to grow and bloom, taking up to two years to mature and bloom. At the rate these Callas are going, I couldn’t imagine them taking that long to bloom, but we shall see.

A year ago, if you had told me that I would have 15 plants in my living room, I would have thought that a crazy notion, being that I’ve never had a green thumb. To be frank, I never really TRIED to be a green thumb. Sure, I loved plants, but I was happier watching others grow them.

Then last September while visiting my parents in Connecticut, my mom gave me a clipping that she had grown from her Ivy plant. I was so excited to have just that one plant, because it meant a lot to me that my mom thought of me enough to start me a plant.

My mom warned me that gardening is addictive and I laughed. I though, “ha ha, not ME, not THIS girl who has barely ever had a plant in her life!” Then winter happened, and I got caught up in the excitement of watching my Ivy grow, and I needed more. The more I was trapped inside and suffering cabin fever, the more I wanted plants to liven up my  living room to ease the winter blues, if even for a little.

Fast forward to now, and my fifteen plants. With each plant that I have brought home, I have researched to learn how to care for them. Plants are like people, that each have different needs. Some plants need more light and water than others. Some grow a lot faster than others, (speaking of which, I have also learned that jade trees take a long time to grow. While I can understand this, I am happy to report that Jade has been thriving being in the direct sunlight in the windows, and she has many new leaves that have been growing for the past few weeks) and some plants are just somewhere in the middle. All in all, no matter what plants need what care, I am very happy to have them all in my care! 🙂


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Enter: The Pink Gerberas

426 blog_060
“Mother Nature Got JOKES”

Greetings from the Adirondacks! I thought I’d share this little flashback  winter pic of snow for those of you who miss winter already. NAH! Just kiddin, took this pic earlier today. Mother Nature got jokes for us on this, the 26th day of April. We waited all winter for winter to show, and NOW it is trying to make an appearance.

daisy 2_061
“Pink Gerbera Daisy”

I have been keeping busy in my little “jungle” to help me combat this cabin fever. These beauties came home with us from the grocery store last night. They were so pink and spring-looking and wanted me to take them home to brighten up our world a little bit while we patiently wait for spring to be a permanent fixture in our weather. If things go right, I will have more of these daisies to have year round!

I said my final good-bye to Lily the other day. She was still here sitting in her pot, withering away after the last few flowers failed. I planted the little bulblets into four little pots, with much hope and anticipation to help Lily live on. While I am realistic that they may not take, I am optimistic and I know that I will be elated if and when I notice any sproutlings.

On a side not for my vegan portion of my blog, I am a proud Mama today that has had a little bit of her worry removed. Since becoming vegan, I have worried about Baby Girl not getting enough nutrition that she needs to grow so I had her iron level checked at her appointment this morning. Her iron level was not only EXCELLENT at 14.1, but it was higher than we last checked before becoming vegan. Baby Girl’s doctor had told me back in January that oftentimes, the first thing that shows up when nutrients go awry is the iron level drops. I am elated to know that hers went UP since January! I can worry a little less know, knowing that she is a very happy and healthy, spry little two year old!

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Green Thumb Battles Cabin Fever

I have never been much of a green thumb during my life. I have had a couple of mini roses that I have grown indoors over a winter and planted outside, but that has been the extent of my plant career so far.

I visited my parents at the beginning of autumn and my Mom gave me a Devil’s Ivy that she had started for me from her plant. She had though it was a Philodendrum because that’s what she was told at the store. Upon further investigation while doing my research on how to take care of a Phil, I discovered that my “Phil” was actually an “Ivy”. My mom had made the mistake of having my Ivy outside in the blasting hot sun and the leaves were yellowing a bit. Once I got Ivy home and up on my bookshelf between two windows in indirect light, she flourished.

As Christmas presents to a couple loved one, I tried my hand at propagating a couple of clippings from Ivy, with two more promised once she regrew from her clipping. I was excited to find out that I had been successful and couldn’t wait for Ivy to grow more so I could propagate her more.

I have been keeping my Mom updated on Ivy’s condition and my propagation attempts and she warned me that plants can be addicting. She was correct about that. The past couple of days, I have been rearranging my living room and organizing it so that I can make room for more plants in the future. I also rescued another Ivy and a Polka Dot Plant from the grocery store last week, both of which were in pretty rough condition.

I brought my new rescue plants home and repotted them in some fresh new soil Miracle Grow soil that promises they will grow twice as much. I trimmed up my rescue ivy and planted a few of her clippings in hopes that they will grow. I have also started two more clippings from where Ivy regrew from her first clippings. At the beginning of last week, I had one lonely little Ivy, and now, I have 6 lovely little plants, 3 of whom are going to new homes when I am sure that they took.

My mom is right, I am addicted, but you know what, plants can be a healthy addiction, not only for the mind, but for the soul as well. I have been having BG help me in my plant endeavors so that she too, can enjoy taking care of plants. I am finding that taking care of plants and watching them grow, is very therapeutic, especially to battle a little bout of cabin fever!