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Welcome to the Twenty-teens Technology Takeover

Thirty years ago, when I was what was not yet referred to as a tween, if you had told me that in the not-so far future that I would have the ability to make a video call, I would have scoffed at you. I would have expressed the wish for such a gadget as I had many times as a youth, but I would have scoffed at you nonetheless. Stuff like that only existed on Start Trek!

Flash forward thirty years. I type this (first) blog on my Windows Phone as my toddler watches a movie on a laptop. Three decades ago if you had said the word “laptop”, I would have thought you were referring to a table that you put on your lap or something. I would have scoffed at you if you said that aforementioned laptop would replace the conventional typewriter, as well as accomplish a multitude of other office tasks. Technology knows no bounds; from the Gramma that Skypes with her grandson every day on her laptop to the toddler gleefully swiping the screen of an iphone6 handed to her from her impatient mother in the checkout line, eager for a quick fix to occupy said toddler.

Welcome to the Twenty-teens, the age of technology that we once thought only possible in a Star Trek episode!