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Great Minds See Alike

Photo by C.Kulo

Great minds think alike, so they say. Great eyes see alike as well.  My parents call it ESPN as a joke, when I pick up on others vibes, and vice versa. My 11 year old son is no exception when it comes to photography. He has a pretty good eye for composition so far and yesterday, he took the above, unedited picture of my lily with my Coolpix camera.

When we were going to edit, I got confused for a minute there as to how my picture of my lily ended up on my Coolpix that Cejay was using. He insisted it was his, and I opened my lily pic to compare, the resemblance was uncanny. There is a bit of a difference, but not much! (I’m guessing that if we had edited his pic we could have gotten it to look even more alike mine!)

Below is my edited pic featured in The Though Gallery a few days ago…doal_033

I love that my love for photography is infectious. What a brilliant way to occupy a pre-teen’s mind while teaching him such an enjoyable hobby. There’s a whole world out there to see, through the lens of our cameras!

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Diary of a Lily: First Entry

doal_03322nd March 2016

Dear Diary,

It is my second day in my new home. Though I have a couple marks in my leaves from handling at the store, I like my new home.  The woman always declares how much she loves my fragrance, to anyone who will listen.  The Baby is also enthusiastic about my presence, though her presence scares me and I fear for my life. I have overheard the woman saying how the baby mauled the Kordana rosebush a few times and they almost didn’t make it.

Speaking of those roses…those roses that think they are so pretty. There is only one rose on the bush so far but I know there will be many more to follow.  The Kordana looks like it is happy here too.  It can be happy all it wants, as long as it stays there in its spot in the sun.  I am special enough to have my own spot on top of a cabinet, to greet everyone as they come into our room. They may be pretty and the woman may brag how pretty the one rose is, but it is I who fill the air with such euphoric floral essence.

I am already a celebrity around here. The woman took my picture after we got home from the store and submitted it to the NCPR website for Photo of the Day.  My picture was featured today as Photo of the Day today, and I know that I have made the woman proud. See my pic here on the NCPR website:

I heard her saying she was going to put me into something called a portfolio, which wounds pretty important to me.  From what I gather, you have to be pretty special to end up in this portfolio thing.

*Yawn* It is quarter after six and the sun is getting ready to set. I must retire for the evening to get my beauty rest so that I may continue to dazzle everyone.  I know I shall be featured again because the woman just can’t help but to want to tell the world about me.  I think she wants me to be as famous I as I want to be famous.

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Enter the Easter Lily

potd entry_029
First entry of Diary of a Lily

I woke up today with nine plants adorning my living room. I now have added this beautiful Easter Lily to my little jungle, thanks to Baby Girl’s cousin. Finally, we have flowers that fill our living room with the floral fragrance that I have been missing all winter long.

I welcome the sweet floral fragrance invading my living room right now. While my cabin fever has subsided a bit, my spring fiver has risen a few degrees.  In the meantime, I shall be able to get some lilies for my catalogue! 🙂