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Finally Living Up to Her Name


Happy Friday! I hope this day finds you all in great spirits!

This beauty here measuring in at almost twenty inches and is finally starting to live up to the “purple” part of her name! She is six weeks old today. It’s just amazing to have watched it grow from this:

"Calla Lily Sproutling"

It is truly amazing to be able to witness such a blessing of life! I seriously had not expected to have had flowers already, after reading that it could take up to two years to mature and flower. I am definitely going to be keeping these Calla Lilies perpetually in my little jungle!

Posted in Diary of a Calla Lily

Growing FASTER than a Weed!

To say that my Calla Lilies are growing like a weedΒ would be theΒ  understatement of the week, literally! The pic on the left was taken just last week, only two weeks into growing, when the Callas were a mere 5″ tall. The pic on the left (and below to enjoy it in an expanded view) was taken this morning.

Callas week 3 (1 of 1)
Calla Lily Week 3: New Flower Forming?

The Callas measured in at 12 1/4″ this morning, more than DOUBLE their height in a week! Over the past couple days I have noticed some coloration, like maybe a flower starting to bloom, though I would doubt that being that they have only been growing for just over three weeks.

It’s AMAZING to have witnessed these Callas grown about 7″ in just over a week-that is almost a whole inch a day! Tune in next week to find out if they have grown taller than me! πŸ™‚