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Enter: The Pink Gerberas

426 blog_060
“Mother Nature Got JOKES”

Greetings from the Adirondacks! I thought I’d share this little flashback  winter pic of snow for those of you who miss winter already. NAH! Just kiddin, took this pic earlier today. Mother Nature got jokes for us on this, the 26th day of April. We waited all winter for winter to show, and NOW it is trying to make an appearance.

daisy 2_061
“Pink Gerbera Daisy”

I have been keeping busy in my little “jungle” to help me combat this cabin fever. These beauties came home with us from the grocery store last night. They were so pink and spring-looking and wanted me to take them home to brighten up our world a little bit while we patiently wait for spring to be a permanent fixture in our weather. If things go right, I will have more of these daisies to have year round!

I said my final good-bye to Lily the other day. She was still here sitting in her pot, withering away after the last few flowers failed. I planted the little bulblets into four little pots, with much hope and anticipation to help Lily live on. While I am realistic that they may not take, I am optimistic and I know that I will be elated if and when I notice any sproutlings.

On a side not for my vegan portion of my blog, I am a proud Mama today that has had a little bit of her worry removed. Since becoming vegan, I have worried about Baby Girl not getting enough nutrition that she needs to grow so I had her iron level checked at her appointment this morning. Her iron level was not only EXCELLENT at 14.1, but it was higher than we last checked before becoming vegan. Baby Girl’s doctor had told me back in January that oftentimes, the first thing that shows up when nutrients go awry is the iron level drops. I am elated to know that hers went UP since January! I can worry a little less know, knowing that she is a very happy and healthy, spry little two year old!

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Snowflake Hugs

snowflake 1_047
Snowflakes on an April Morn

Since I really started dedicating myself to my blog and writing everyday, I oftentimes find myself brainstorming about ideas to write about. I don’t usually plan my blogs out and write them on the spur of the moment when I  get up each day.

This morning was no exception; it was the first thing on my mind before I had even gotten out of bed.  I found myself thinking out loud, “Hmm…what am I gonna blog about today?” Baby Girl rolled over and grabbed me and declared, “HUGS!” Still thinking out loud, I said, “Hmm, good idea but how would I incorporate that into a blog?”

We ventured forth to start our daily routine and as I looked out our front door and saw snow on the neighbor’s roof, I grumbled. “Look’s like snow is in the blog forecast today!” I don’t usually grumble about the snow, but in all fairness, we waited all winter for winter to come! There is a time and a reason for every season, and the time for snow is just not now, says me. Mother Nature, however, says otherwise, for she always has the last say.

Just as we were about to embrace spring with open arms, snowflakes hug my windowsill, if evenfor just one more time. Winter is weak at grasping at the seasonal helm, and Spring is eager to take over the reigns. Let’s just hope that this bit of last minute “winter” snow does not kill the flowers that have been fooled into thinking that Spring has finally arrived.  Hopefully, this will be the last snow pic that I have to post before I start flooding my blog with flower pics. 🙂

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Enter the Easter Lily

potd entry_029
First entry of Diary of a Lily

I woke up today with nine plants adorning my living room. I now have added this beautiful Easter Lily to my little jungle, thanks to Baby Girl’s cousin. Finally, we have flowers that fill our living room with the floral fragrance that I have been missing all winter long.

I welcome the sweet floral fragrance invading my living room right now. While my cabin fever has subsided a bit, my spring fiver has risen a few degrees.  In the meantime, I shall be able to get some lilies for my catalogue! 🙂


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Vernal Equinox 2016


It’s the first (calendar) day of spring, the day I have been counting down to for the past 150 days (since Halloween to be exact), and though it’s sunny, it’s a brisk 30 something degrees out there today. Two weeks ago I declared it spring when I shot some tulips starting to make their debut for spring. Since then, it has snowed and felt more like winter than most of the past 150 days.

Oh what a long winter it’s been, having a VERY gently used Nikon D40 that I haven’t been able to get out with much. While I have practiced with it taking various random indoor shots all winter long, I’d rather be outside shooting Mother Nature.

In the meantime, I shall continue to diary of a Kordana rose as it unfurls, blossom by blossom. The above is the second rose to bloom since I have had it…I said good-bye to the very first flower here…

Happy Vernal Equinox…it’s springtime somewhere!






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Adirondack Weather is Bipolar


Yesterday, I shot tulips coming up, today, a bit of snow. The weather here in the Adirondacks can be quite bipolar. Flowers one day, snow the next. I am thankful it was just a bit of flurries, but still, I’m ready for spring! I yearn to get outside, feel the warm sun upon my face and the cool breeze blow through my hair. I yearn for the beautiful photo ops that I know that Mother Nature will be showing us soon. I yearn for the smell and beauty of flowers and trees in bloom. I have cabin fever so bad, that I feel like I am just gonna die of anticipation for spring…and the sad part is, winter was not really winter-like for us Adirondackers this year, which makes me think we are gonna have a helluva hot summer in store for us, which I do not yearn for.


In the meantime, I will appreciate the beauty of my Kordana mini-roses in the comfort of my own living room! 🙂

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Rescue Me Roses


Over the past few months, I have gone from having one Devil’s Ivy to nine plants of varying types. Taking care of my plants has been helping me deal with some of the cabin fever. All winter long, I have been looking for a mini-rose bush to nurse through the summer and then be planted in a memorial garden this fall, as I did last year with some yellow mini-roses.

Last week, my wait for roses was over! I was grocery shopping at Hannaford’s (which, by the way, I need to give a shoutout to-I have gotten a few of my plants from there and have been absolutely happy with every single one!) and rounded the corner where the plants are. Before I saw them, I smelled them, though faint of a smell they have. There were three or four of these Kordana roses, so one came home with me.

This picture is one of the first blooms and it is absolutely lovely for my eyes to look upon, after a long, drab winter, devoid of flower beauty. I am extra pleased that they are two-toned. Only one problem…after doing research, I found out that these roses may not fare very well in our cold neck of the woods. The smaller ones like I grew last year fare much better around here.

“Regretfully”, I must keep the Kordanas for myself, since they will be better suited to grow inside. I am, however, very excited to yet again be on a mission for some new mini-roses to donate to the memorial garden this fall!

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Green Thumb Battles Cabin Fever

I have never been much of a green thumb during my life. I have had a couple of mini roses that I have grown indoors over a winter and planted outside, but that has been the extent of my plant career so far.

I visited my parents at the beginning of autumn and my Mom gave me a Devil’s Ivy that she had started for me from her plant. She had though it was a Philodendrum because that’s what she was told at the store. Upon further investigation while doing my research on how to take care of a Phil, I discovered that my “Phil” was actually an “Ivy”. My mom had made the mistake of having my Ivy outside in the blasting hot sun and the leaves were yellowing a bit. Once I got Ivy home and up on my bookshelf between two windows in indirect light, she flourished.

As Christmas presents to a couple loved one, I tried my hand at propagating a couple of clippings from Ivy, with two more promised once she regrew from her clipping. I was excited to find out that I had been successful and couldn’t wait for Ivy to grow more so I could propagate her more.

I have been keeping my Mom updated on Ivy’s condition and my propagation attempts and she warned me that plants can be addicting. She was correct about that. The past couple of days, I have been rearranging my living room and organizing it so that I can make room for more plants in the future. I also rescued another Ivy and a Polka Dot Plant from the grocery store last week, both of which were in pretty rough condition.

I brought my new rescue plants home and repotted them in some fresh new soil Miracle Grow soil that promises they will grow twice as much. I trimmed up my rescue ivy and planted a few of her clippings in hopes that they will grow. I have also started two more clippings from where Ivy regrew from her first clippings. At the beginning of last week, I had one lonely little Ivy, and now, I have 6 lovely little plants, 3 of whom are going to new homes when I am sure that they took.

My mom is right, I am addicted, but you know what, plants can be a healthy addiction, not only for the mind, but for the soul as well. I have been having BG help me in my plant endeavors so that she too, can enjoy taking care of plants. I am finding that taking care of plants and watching them grow, is very therapeutic, especially to battle a little bout of cabin fever!