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Adirondack Weather is Bipolar


Yesterday, I shot tulips coming up, today, a bit of snow. The weather here in the Adirondacks can be quite bipolar. Flowers one day, snow the next. I am thankful it was just a bit of flurries, but still, I’m ready for spring! I yearn to get outside, feel the warm sun upon my face and the cool breeze blow through my hair. I yearn for the beautiful photo ops that I know that Mother Nature will be showing us soon. I yearn for the smell and beauty of flowers and trees in bloom. I have cabin fever so bad, that I feel like I am just gonna die of anticipation for spring…and the sad part is, winter was not really winter-like for us Adirondackers this year, which makes me think we are gonna have a helluva hot summer in store for us, which I do not yearn for.


In the meantime, I will appreciate the beauty of my Kordana mini-roses in the comfort of my own living room! 🙂

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Autumn Glimmer

The sun glimmers through the ruby leaves,
gleaming and shimmering.
Summer memories in the past,
recent memories of warm days.

Winter is in the future near and for the moment, I relish this autumn moment.

The sunny beams give peaceful hope-
a peaceful calm, before the winter storm.