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Under the Weather but Overachieving

For the past week I have been feeling very under the weather, which thankfully, is unusual for me. At the same time, I was cramming a 3 week psych course in a week and a half, and have seriously neglected my writing and my cooking in the meantime. The cooking part was just because I was not well and did not feel like expending much cooking energy, the writing part was because the Psych class took up a good portion of my waking moments, including my Mama time moments whilst BG slept.

I am happy to report, that the bug is just about gone, the class is done and I am back to cooking up some delicious vegan goodies again. I cooked up another version (best one so far) of my crockpot applesauce (which I failed to post but will post this one) and an improved version of my squash sauce, which I plan to also use to make some sort of hummus in the future. Now that I have some free time again, I shall be getting at least those two recipes up sometime this week.

My next endeavors for my creativity are a couple of grants coming up from the Sustainable Arts Foundation (Thank you Yvonna for the heads up for it!). I intend to apply for two grants: one for my photography, and one for my poetry. I started my application for the photography grant today and I realized that it is a bit overwhelming. For starters, the written part of the application holds a lot of weight on the outcome of the decision, so I need to make that seem as bright and shiny and eye catching as I can, almost more so than the photograph part of my portfolio. I can enter up to 20 of my best photos, and that is also overwhelming to me, because I have a LOT of photos to sift through, from even just over the past year. For the writing grant, I can submit up to ten of my best poems, which there are a lot LESS of in number than my photos. I decided that 2016 will be my go-getter year, and I am well on my way by starting with these two grants.

Have any of you ever applied for/received a grant before? Any tips you would give me to help me along my way? Drop a comment below and let me know, and have a great day!

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Week in Verses

(1) Out with the old,
in with the new!
Happy New year,
from me to you!

(2) Two years ago this day,
a bright light entered my world
as I gave birth to a beautiful baby,
a lovely little baby girl.

(3) Sitting here blindly staring at a blank screen,
trying to think of a verse, a thought, a scene;
But alas, writer’s block hits me on this day,
so I’ll just leave this empty thought and then be on my way!

(4) Blistering, biting, one degree,
snow covers the ground;
wind kicks up with delightful glee,
adding to the eerie winter sound.

(5) Insomnios, my nemesis, visited me last night;
in the form of a baby girl, who often puts up a fight.
She wakes and cries and doth protest,
with all of her baby might.

(6) The gray smoke rises, wafting from chimneys all around,
greeting the early morning light without a sound.
Oh to be that wafting smoke, rising above the trees-
to be above and see below, the pretty scenery.

(7) Last night Insomnios evaded me, and I got to catch some zzz’s;
Somnambula was by my side, walking with such ease.
She seemed quite bored not to have demons to keep at bay;
and I was able to sleep through the night until the break of day.

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2015 In Memorandum

We find ourselves on the last day of yet another year completed. Thankfully for me, 2015 was a decent year, full of many blessings. I managed to accomplish my goals for this year, somewhat anyway. I wrote more (every day for the past two months which is a personal record for me) and I improved on my photography. I would like to thank Korey Rowe, Yvonna Fast and Kim Hough, and the nice man in the neighborhood that gave me a tripod. Korey, words can’t express how thankful I am for your photography class, and for sending me the d40 so that I would have an SLR camera to work with. Kim, I am thankful for the photography goodies that you have given me, to help me along my way (I am anxious for spring to get here so I can shoot some nature macro) and Yvona, my improvement of my photography started out with your gift of your dear departed Jan’s Coolpix. It was the first camera that I have owned that I truly love shooting with! I am thankful for all the little and not so little things that others have helped me out with during the past year along the way I am thankful for all the little and not so little things this year.
I am thankful for all of my friends, near and far, in life and on Facebook. I know that some of you have had some hardships and pain of losing loved ones this year, and my thoughts are always with you. I know some of you have had a very good year, and that makes me happy for you.
I am not one to make “resolutions” for the new year, because resolutions seem to always get broken. I make goals for myself to strive for. My goals for this year include finishing my transition into veganism, improving my writing and getting a poetry book ready for publication, and hopefully, sharpening my photography craft to have some prints to sell this summer at the Art Walks. I did sell my first one and only print this past summer, for $2. It may not seem like much to you all, but for me, it was a giant step into the right direction! I intend to keep up on my correspondence, through Facebook and snail mail, to keep in touch with others. I plan to return to the work force this year, after taking care of my toddler for the past two years. I know that one will be hard, being away from her at all, because we have never been apart. I plan to work on and improve the Thought Gallery, for myself and for all of you to enjoy.
I welcome 2016 with open arms, and welcome all of you to join me!