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Photo of the Day!

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Monarch Caterpillars: Rescue and Relocation

I had a different post in mind to write today, but this morning as I sat down to write, a more pressing matter presented itself. The town went by with their side mower thingy that they trim the sides of the road with. Personally, I don’t see the point of that, being that the greenery on the side of the road does not block the view of the road and it provides plants for wildlife like butterflies, and also, that money could go to fixing the crappy potholes everywhere! While I wouldn’t care about them cutting down the plants on the side of the road, there are milk weeds along some parts that I hate to see cut. Last year, just as Aurora and I found some monarch caterpillars on the side of the road, the town cut them down just a few days later and it really upset me. I vowed that I would help rescue them this year. When Aurora and I saw the mower drive by this morning, we hurried through our breakfast, grabbed our bug container and dashed out the door on a rescue mission.


We braved 80 degree sun and hordes of man-eating bugs (the freakin deer flies were AWFUL) just to find a mere 2 caterpillars, 2 eggs, and a cocoon. At least, I hope it’s a cocoon and not a spider nest!


I feel like our effort was futile, to only find 2 caterpillars, but at least we tried. We are going to go set the caterpillars free in the field that we have been frequenting, and we’re going to mark the plant we put them on so that we may visit for further observation. The cocoon and the eggs will be kept for further observation at home until they hatch and we set them free.


The eggs are so miniscule that I almost missed them! I have never seen a butterfly egg before, so I’m excited to see these two hatch and witness the very first stage of monarch life, the 1st instar of their caterpillar stage. 


The two caterpillars seem to be in the 2nd or 3rd instar phase of their growth, and they are tiny, about an 1/8 of an inch. They appear much bigger in my pics. They were both found on very young milkweed that had no blooms yet. As for the cocoon, I doubt it’s a monarch, being that it too was on a young milkweed that we hadn’t found any caterpillars on or any signs of the leaves being eaten like any had been there yet. It will be fun to see what emerges and like I said before, hopefully not spiders! I don’t think spiders would build an egg nest on a milkweed, but I’m not an expert on spiders. 

To see Aurora cry this morning with concern made me a proud Mama. She is already on the road to compassion for other living creatures and that makes me happy. On our walk to the milkweed this morning, I suggested to her that she could be a conservationist, being that she loves nature so much. She said an animal doctor and that would be awesome too! With her kind and caring nature for others, I think she will do well to have a career caring for others, be it humans or animals. I hope she keeps that compassion throughout her life, to think of others before her own self. 

I can’t wait to write my blog tomorrow that I was going to write today, because it’s something I have been waiting with bated breath for, for about two months now! I bid you all to have a great day, and if you know of milkweed on the side of the road that will be cut down, please follow our example and rescue the monarch caterpillars, because that is the only plant that they can survive on! 

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Early Bird gets the Video


I’ve never been much of an early bird! I’ve been awake for over a half an hour already, and it’s not even 5 yet! The party birds kindly woke me up so I shot them! I wait with bated breath to see my babyson in a couple hours, who turned 14 a few days ago. Now the question is, do I want to make coffee or try to catch a few more winks!

Pardon the shitty video but I was just trying to capture the noises since I can’t share just an audio. Hope you all have a fantastic day!

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Fare Thee well, Dinah

center-149x195-5736049 photo from Forune-Keough Funeral home website

It’s been a hot, sad weekend in my neck of the woods. It was in the paper Saturday that a dear old coworker of mine, Dinah had passed away on June 16. I worked with Dinah over a decade ago at at the local nursing home. Dinah was always so calm with a peaceful, inviting demeanor. She was perfect at being a social worker because she genuinely loved people, loved helping them and was easy to talk to.

One day, I played hookie from work to take my eldest daughter to the lake beach. I am not one to shirk my responsibilities when it comes to work, but it was a nice day and I wanted to make some memories. In truth, it’s the only day in my whole entire working history that I ever skipped. Dinah’s daughter was a lifeguard at the beach and when I saw her that day, I pleaded with her not to tell her mom that she saw me and she laughed and said “My mom would call that a mental health day and that everyone needs one now and then!” That statement made me like Dinah all the more, and I told her about my mental health day the next day at work.

After working at the nursing home, I had a job as night manager at Wilson Farms. I saw Dinah often at the store and it was always so pleasant to see her. One stormy day she came into the store out of breath and exclaimed, “I just got struck by lightening!” That caught me off guard and sounded the bells as I asked her if she needed help. She then went on to tell me that her car got struck at the stoplight right outside and it killed her car! Stalled it right where she sat and she had to push it into our driveway. A few weeks later she came in to tell me that insurance would not cover it because they consider it “an act of God” and I felt so bad about that, but so very thankful that she herself had not been struck.

It’s hotter than a donkey’s flaming fire balls in our area over the past few days. I shall be taking a mental health day to cool off with a few frosty beverages later, maybe even in the cold shower like I did yesterday. Yes, I DID actually take a cold brew into a cold shower yesterday afternoon, something I have never done! I’m not ashamed of that either, and I will gladly do it again today since it’s supposed to be even hotter. You see, Life is short, and our moments here are fleeting. We need to capture those moments, embrace the oddness of them and go with the flow! If that flow leads you to trying to cool off with a cold beverage in a cold shower because the 2 fans you have in the house can’t cool down the 88 degrees inside, so be it! Grab that cold beverage and go have a few mental health moments! I hope you all stay cool during this heat wave!

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Coffee time LIES


LIES! LIES I TELL YOU! Coffee time happens much earlier in my household sometimes…and that was the first thing I said when I got this mug from the Dollar Tree the other day!

Also…it’s tea in my mug at the moment instead of coffee!

I hope today find you all live and well! There is a town wide garage sale in my neck of the woods today, and I’m hoping to score some free stuff later because that’s how I roll on an artist budget. I like to wait until a tag sale is done and people put their leftover wares on the side of the road for free instead of having to haul it back inside.

Call me cheapskate if you will, I call it being thrifty!

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The Coffee Dilemma


If you are reading this at the moment, it means that the coffee won and I am up, anxiously awaiting for the sunrise. Hey, if the birds are going to be noisy at 5 am, then I might as well get up. I sit downstairs in my office in the dark, with the portable heater on to warm up the morning chill down here. I managed to sneak out of bed without my youngest waking (hey, I co-sleep, don’t judge!) and I almost feel odd that I am not sitting at the table, asking her to please stop banging for 10 minutes so I can get my blog done! I’ll take the impromptu quiet time, even if I still have cobwebs in my eyes. 

I had another blog post planned for today, inspiration courtesy of Karen Urbanski however, I muddled that attempt to try to draw out words that I feel best describe me. I was trying to doodle with my stylus on my LG Stylo 2 but the screen is small and I messed it up trying to zoom in and write. I had thought about just making a list form but that does not seem as though it would be conducive to my creativity. I shall not give up on that and will work on it throughout the rest of the day. I think it’s a neat little exercise, to try to put ourselves into words, and I found it to be a challenge. Of course, the very first word written down was sarcasm! And misspelled! OOPS! Hey, perfectionist is not on there!


I toast my coffee to all of you on this early Wednesday morning and regret to inform you that there will be no illustration of the sunrise this morning, it’s just kinda blah. Some are better than others, and I am just thankful to have woken up this morning to see a blah sunrise. Every day above ground is a good one, no matter the trials and tribulations that others face. Someone, somewhere out there did not have the blessing to wake up this morning, though life goes on for others, so if you happen to be having a bad day, remember that; at least you woke up! Take a moment to close your eyes and be grateful, for whatever adventure the day may bring!