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I Disappear

disappear inside myself, which leaves me feeling beside my self, when others are outside,

I retreat in bitter social awkwardness, to the dark corners of my mind.

I hide there, where no one can pry, or look at me with judging eyes,

I hide there with my torturous thoughts, my own company; my worst enemy.

I hide where no others can see, in my mental sanctuary, in a battle I can’t seem to win,

and at the end of the day, in the darkened grey, I’m just a lost soul trapped inside my skin..



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Raindrops on a Drismal Day

Raindrops _041

Raindrops clinging to my screen,

lost in thought and distant dream.

Elbows leaned upon my window sill,

to take the shot and try to keep still.


JKulo 2016



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A Letter

A Letter

She’s halfway around the world as she writes him a letter,
sending her words of hope that might help make him better.
She sends him photos she hopes he’ll hang up on his wall,
to help remind him of the once peaceful times he may recall.

He’s halfway around the world as he opens her letter,
hoping what she has to say can help make him better.
He smiles as he hangs the photos up on his wall,
as he thinks of the once peaceful times he can still recall.

He’s halfway around the world as he answers her letter,
trying so hard to think of things not to sadden her.
He sends her a photo of Iraq, such a far away land;
he flashes the peace sign on the gun in his right hand.

JKulo 1/25/05

Dedicated to Brandon Shonyo

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Week in Verses

(1) Out with the old,
in with the new!
Happy New year,
from me to you!

(2) Two years ago this day,
a bright light entered my world
as I gave birth to a beautiful baby,
a lovely little baby girl.

(3) Sitting here blindly staring at a blank screen,
trying to think of a verse, a thought, a scene;
But alas, writer’s block hits me on this day,
so I’ll just leave this empty thought and then be on my way!

(4) Blistering, biting, one degree,
snow covers the ground;
wind kicks up with delightful glee,
adding to the eerie winter sound.

(5) Insomnios, my nemesis, visited me last night;
in the form of a baby girl, who often puts up a fight.
She wakes and cries and doth protest,
with all of her baby might.

(6) The gray smoke rises, wafting from chimneys all around,
greeting the early morning light without a sound.
Oh to be that wafting smoke, rising above the trees-
to be above and see below, the pretty scenery.

(7) Last night Insomnios evaded me, and I got to catch some zzz’s;
Somnambula was by my side, walking with such ease.
She seemed quite bored not to have demons to keep at bay;
and I was able to sleep through the night until the break of day.