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9/10 of the Law Realized: Star of the Show!

Just over a month ago, I posted about lilies that were in our flower bed last year and how the old neighbor came back 9 months later to retrieve the bulbs that she had asked me to help her dig up when she moved last year and never came back for. My new neighbor and I had dug the bulbs to spread them out and not two days later the old neighbor came back demanding the bulbs back. 

I was irked to say the least, being that I am taking care of the flower bed this year, and I let my disdain show as I begrudgingly dug up the bulbs for her. I purposely did not give them all back because as far as I’m concerned, she should have chalked that up as a loss that she didn’t come back the next day after she moved last summer to retrieve them. 

Well, those “forgotten” bulbs have grown and tada! We have our first flower this year!


I am absolutely in LOVE with this dappled pink color and have been smitten since first sight last summer! I have been waiting with bated breath to see them bloom this year and finally we have our first one! Aurora was the first to notice when she looked out the door yesterday to say good morning to the garden and she exclaimed with glee, “LOOK MAMA! A FLOWER!”

This flower is definitely the star of the show, even in a sea of 10,000 wildflowers that are in the midst of growing!


There are several other lilies in the process of growing and blooming and I can’t wait to see them all! They add such nice color to this sea of green that we have going on, and I couldn’t be happier. My patience and hard work have paid off as we now get to enjoy the benefits of what we sowed.

Do I feel guilty that I didn’t give all the bulbs back? Absolutely NOT, because if the neighbor had come back the next day like she had said, I wouldn’t have considered them mine now! Officially, I can say they are mine now that she came and took some of the bulbs back. There were about eight that I gave her back, and we have five lilies in the process of growing now. I just may take a bulb or two with us when we move out of here, just to be able to have in our indoor jungle if need be! 

Life is what we sow, like these flowers. The effort you put in is the result you get back. With patience and perseverance you will get the results you want. It takes time but it is worth the effort in the end. I almost feel guilty that this is the one flower I have been looking forward to, knowing beforehand the incredible beauty that comes with it. Not that I don’t love the 10,000 other flowers that are in the process of growing, but for me, these lilies were worth my effort to keep, to make our garden even more beautiful! I hope you enjoy the beauty of this lily as much as I do!


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Lupine Love


I am not too sure when I first noticed lupine, probably about 6 or 7 years ago in an old neighborhood. They were always along the side of the road and I loved to look at them. I don’t know what it is about lupines that I like so much. I think that what they lack for I scent (they don’t really have one) they make up for in their tall, spiky, colorful blooms. They come in a variety of vibrant blues, purples, pinks and even white, that I have seen. I think the purple ones are my favorites.

This field of lupines near our apartment caught my eye the other day (when I didn’t have a camera) so yesterday, camera in tow, my youngest and I headed out on a photo venture. We may or may not have trespassed a little bit to take these pics, but no one lives in the house where they are at so, no harm, no foul. 


Aurora usually goofs off in pics, but she smiled wide when I told her to smile for this one. I love to see her enthusiasm that reflects mine for flowers and plants. We enjoy our nature walks and look for as many photo ops as we can. 

When we returned home to look through our pics, I got to thinking about lupine, if they are edible or not. I’ve always been curious about the seeds, for they remind me of beans. After researching a bit, I found out that lupine is in the legume family. I think now I have found the motivation for my love of these flowers-I want to eat them! I am a big fan of beans, so we will be trying some lupine beans after they seed!


Bees and butterflies like the lupine as well! Look at the sacs on that busy bee! He was the only willing participant to get his picture taken, which was fine by me, as I was not going to trudge through a possibly tick ridden field just to chase a bee for a pic!


It’s a rainy day today but I don’t mind. I’m perfectly content to sit at my laptop and write. I’ll be working on the 2nd half of this venture to post for tomorrow, where I’ll attempt to post my first blog video ever! Wish me luck on that and I bid you all a terrific day! If the weather is nice, get out and smell some flowers and hug some trees!

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Yellow for Thankfulness


“Good morning jungle!” I exclaim as I open the kitchen window this morning. I looked outside to check on our flower bed and lo and behold, there was our first flower bloom, a yellow day lily. “WE HAVE OUR FIRST FLOWER!” I exclaim to my youngest as I grab my camera and dash out the door to take a pic. 

She too, is jumping up and down with excitement at our first flower. What a bright, cheerful, beautiful thing to greet the day with as I wait for my coffee to brew! I am overjoyed as I take a few pics and then dash back in to share it with the world. I now have my blog post for the day. 

I edit my pic with glee and turn on my laptop to sign into WordPress. My usual routine is to read a few blogs before I start my own and in my reading, I find out from a fellow blogger that Anthony Bourdain is dead from an apparent suicide, and my mood immediately darkens. 

Thoughts of suicide have always had a special home in some of the dark crevices in my mind, since I attempted it when I was 19. Now and then I visit those dark hallways and  wallow in that lost sadness. They say once the suicide bug bites you, it infests your mind with poisonous thoughts that are often inescapable. 

I pause, lost in thought and trying not to cry in front of my 4 year old who is parked at her desk next to me and practicing her letters. I snap out of it and become curious as to the meaning of a yellow lily. It symbolizes thankfulness and desire for enjoyment. 

Gardening brings me enjoyment and I post about it to bring joy to others, to brighten their day if they happen to be having a bad one. I wish to share my joy with others through my pictures and words, which is why I take pictures and write. It’s a way that I vent, to deal with things or just to strike up a conversation. It keeps me distracted from those dark corners of my mind that creep up on me at times. I guess you could say that plants help keep me sane. 

My thoughts drift back to Anthony Bourdain, and the sadness that his family must be feeling today and I tear again. Once upon a time, that was me, listening to those dark thoughts, but thankfully, I did not succeed at succumbing to them. I may not have felt it at the time, but there would have been people that would have bee sad if I had succeeded. 

People suffer silently, all around you. Those people may be lost in their mind, afraid to reach out for help. Pay attention to the humans around you, reach out to them. If you find yourself wallowing in sadness, talk about it with someone. Call the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255 if you are uncomfortable talking with those that you know. I am always here to be an ear, whether I know you personally or not. I don’t judge, for I empathize how it feels to feel lost and not feel like there is anyone out there that cares. 

In closing, I wish to remind everyone to be thankful for every day that you wake up. Hug your loved ones and let them know that they are loved. Be sympathetic to your fellow humans, for you know not the struggles they may be facing, all the while having a smile on their face. Share the joys in your life to make others smile for you never know when you have the chance to brighten someone’s day if you don’t try. 

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Kordana Blooms Again


Greetings from Jenn’s little “jungle”! I happy to report that after a scary couple of run-ins with Baby girl, it has survived its special toddler lovings (in all fairness, she thought she was “helping” me) and is now blooming. Funny thing is, it’s not bi-colored like the last roses were, though it is still beautiful nonetheless.

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Roses for a Rainy Day

As I wrote about the other day, I am working on some mini roses that will be donated to a memorial garden. Today, I picked up the beautiful bi-colored roses above, because truthfully, they had caught my eye the other day when I picked up the purple roses.

I got an idea to separate the plants, and mix half of them into two pots (one for me, of course, because I have future experiments in mind with it) and one for the garden, in a nice sturdy, pot that it may be kept in outdoors in the garden. Winters are rough up here and rather than risk the roses not surviving next winter, I thought it a good idea to put them in a pot to keep in the garden (thank you Lisa!)

My garden is complete…for now! I finally have the roses that I have been yearning for all winter. I have my own roses to keep, and that makes me a very happy plant mama. The two colors compliment each other well, and maybe, but some stroke of extreme nature, they will hybrid themselves. If not, I plan to try my hand at learning how to graft and propagate roses, once I am more experienced at gardening.

Here’s some roses for you all, on this rainy day. May they bring smiles to your life like they do in mine! 🙂

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purple roses (1 of 1)
“Purple Mini Roses”

“Hi, I’m Jenn, and I’m a plant addict…I have been for several months now…” Actually, there’s a little story behind the reason why I picked up these purple beauties this afternoon.

Last summer, my boys’ great-gramma went to meet her maker. Earlier that year, I had seen purple mini roses like the ones above, but hadn’t the cash with me to get them. Purple happened to be great-gramma’s color. A few weeks later, I decided to get some yellow ones, because I couldn’t find purple ones again.

Not too long after I had gotten my roses, my boys’ great-gramma fell ill with that evil C-word and passed a few months later. When she passed, her ashes were used in one of those green urns that will grow into a tree. Their aunt planted the urn in a little spot in her yard to be dedicated as a memorial garden for her.

I nursed and loved those yellow roses all summer long, always chiding myself that I didn’t get the purple ones when I could. Nonetheless, at the beginning of fall, my yellow roses were dedicated to the memorial garden. I vowed to do the same this year, with purple, should I have the chance. Today, I had that chance and brought home some purple roses to nurture all summer long, until they join their yellow sisters in their forever home.


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Nature Photo Challenge Day 5:

Rori 8x10_051
“My Little Apprentice Gardener”

What would nature be, without teaching our little ones about it? Nature is all around us, and it is so therapeutic for adults and kids alike.

With that being said, allow me to introduce my youngest little nature lover, Aurora, a.k.a. “Baby Girl”, pictured here with my Kordana rosebush. I had taken it down a few days ago to make room to shoot my Jade, and turned around, and there was Aurora admiring it. Luckily, she didn’t tear the stems out like the last time she was near the roses. I should like to think, that Aurora is learning to be a bit more gentle to our plants. Aurora likes to help me when I water and dust the plants, and she helps me hug and love the plants while we do so. I’m hoping to instill a love of plants in Aurora, so that she too, may enjoy plants, as much as I do. I am regretful that I am only getting into having plants within the last year, being that I never had anyone get me interested in them. At least Aurora will be exposed to the joy of plants from such an early age.

Here it is, my photo challenge for today. Yes, I know, I need to get out and get some new pics with my camera of some outside nature. In the meantime, we shall be enjoying the nature that we have to admire in our own living room!

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Nature Photo Challenge Day 3:

first flower blog (1 of 1)
My First Outdoor Flower Photo of 2016

I have finally gotten my first flower shots of 2016 (in my neighbor’s garden) and I couldn’t be happier about it! It has begun, the tidal flooding of nature pics across my social media accounts! For four long months, I have had in my possession, a very gently, if ever, “used” Nikon d40. I have been anxious to get out and all winter long, for beautiful shots like this. I’m just getting warmed up. I still have yet to learn the camera in outdoor settings, which are quite different than shooting indoors like I’m used to with it. I’m also still learning lighting, which can be a very tricky thing when it comes to photography.

So, this Nature Photo Challenge Day 3, is dedicated to my photography teacher and mentor, who sent me aforementioned d40. Thank you very much Korey Rowe! You are not only a mentor to me, you are an inspiration and I promise you, your camera will never be lonely with me! I look forward to all of the lovely photo ops that Mother Nature has to offer this year! 🙂


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PHOTO FLASHBACK: The Zinnia and the Bee

bee 5x7 crop -2017
The Zinnia and the Bee

It’s that time of year that is the purgatory between winter and spring, as the two seasons battle it out to see who will reign. Winter knows that its time is short, yet does not quite want to yield its frosty grip upon us to spring. Spring is anxious to start fresh and anew.

I, like spring, am fresh and anew with ideas…well, I’m trying to be anyways! I share this photo flashback with you, one of my favorite shots from last year (2015). I’m not too sure why exactly this is one of my favorites, as I took a handful of decent photos last spring and summer. I look forward to being able to take similar shots this year with my first DSLR, which will not only allow me crisper shots, but also room to edit without losing quality of my photos. I was thinking about making this as a print to sell, but I’m gonna hold out for a better shot this year.

The beauty of spring is right around the corner. The little bit of snow that we got yesterday will soon be a distant memory as we will soon be frolicking in the sun, chasing bees among the zinnias!

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Great Minds See Alike

Photo by C.Kulo

Great minds think alike, so they say. Great eyes see alike as well.  My parents call it ESPN as a joke, when I pick up on others vibes, and vice versa. My 11 year old son is no exception when it comes to photography. He has a pretty good eye for composition so far and yesterday, he took the above, unedited picture of my lily with my Coolpix camera.

When we were going to edit, I got confused for a minute there as to how my picture of my lily ended up on my Coolpix that Cejay was using. He insisted it was his, and I opened my lily pic to compare, the resemblance was uncanny. There is a bit of a difference, but not much! (I’m guessing that if we had edited his pic we could have gotten it to look even more alike mine!)

Below is my edited pic featured in The Though Gallery a few days ago…doal_033

I love that my love for photography is infectious. What a brilliant way to occupy a pre-teen’s mind while teaching him such an enjoyable hobby. There’s a whole world out there to see, through the lens of our cameras!