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Crayon Fun!

Another year has come and gone, and Aurora turned 5 the other day. Winter leads us to another bout of cabin fever, looking for things to do to entertain ourselves.

I’ve been seeing melting crayon art online, so Aurora and I tried it out. While our 1st attempt kinda failed (only 1 crayon really melted out of the several we had), we did get a cool little shadow looking figure on our cardboard.


After our failed melting art, I did some research online for other things to do with old bits of crayons.

I foundĀ instructions on how to repurpose old crayons and make new ones from them.


Aurora and I tweaked it a bit. Since we didn’t have cooking spray, we lined our mini muffin tray with aluminum foil. The foil didn’t work as well as maybe no stick spray would but we did still have positive results.


Some of the crayon melted into the tin so on our next trip to the store, we’ll be looking for some silicon molds that we can use in the future. We also tweaked the baking time since our crayons took a few minutes longer than what was recommended, which may have been on account t of the aluminum foil.

We turned some of Aurora’s old bits of crayons and made some pretty new chunky ones. Being that I want to experiment with different brands of crayons (to see which melt the best) we will definitely be doing this again. It was fun and it passed the time on a chilly will terrible afternoon!


From my house to yours, I wish you all a happy belated New Year’s and look forward to sharing this year with you!