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Be The Voice: Part One

I sit at my computer, coffee by my side, as Aurora still sleeps. My screen may be blank, but my mind is not devoid of thoughts. Rather, thoughts have been swirling in my head for a few days now and I have been wondering how to let the demons out. The frustrating thing is, I cannot just outright say what I want to say at the moment, as there is a pending prosecution for what is on my mind. Believe me you, as soon as all this dirt is brought to light and justice is served, I WILL be exposing all of that dirt, because it should not be swept under the rug. 

What I am referring to is child abuse. The numbers of reported cases of child abuse a year are alarming, and that’s just the ones that are reported. 

You can read more about the American Society for the Positive Care of Children here and be forewarned, the statistics are quite alarming, at least to me. 

Part of the reason why child abuse happens is because of it not being reported, for whatever crazy reason people have. Perhaps they are afraid of the perpetrator, after all, one who would beat a child, nothing would stop them from beating on anyone to report it. Another thing that perpetuates abuse are those around the victim that lie about it, or just don’t say anything about it, even if it’s been brought to their attention.

I was once that child, being abused and no one being held accountable for it. I was afraid to report it, for fear of being beaten worse. I know there were a few that were aware of it, and still said nothing. I urge you, to be the voice for the victims you may know. Do not be afraid to stand up to the abuser and do what’s right! Be the voice that you would want if it were you in that child’s shoes! I for one, will be a voice, and being a writer gives me a positive platform to do so. Like I said, when all is said and done, things will be exposed and brought to light, and all the ugliness that comes with it! I have the perpetrator(s) in my crosshairs and I’m ready to fire back at this abuse! I have warned people that if they are not with me, they’d better duck, because I will NOT be silent to protect the abuser! NOT ONE BIT! I know how that felt to not have a voice, and that’s helpless, lost and lonely, not to mention, scared for my life at times!

The right thing to do if you are aware of abuse is to REPORT it. The child abuse hotline is 1-800-4-A-Child or 1-800-422-4453 Assault on another is a criminal offense. Call the local authorities where the abuse happened so that the abuser will be held accountable for their actions. Child Protection Services cannot initiate an arrest, they just investigate the abuse part of the report, the police need to make the arrest and they can’t if they don’t know what is going on. Be the voice for the voiceless, be the strength they need during tough times, and whatever you do, DO NOT REMAIN SILENT! 

Part 2 of this post shall ensue when all is said and done and I can be free to totally speak my mind! It was actually very hard for me to “bite my tongue” to write this post, but I promise you, my readers, that I am in the process of shaking out that rug from everyone’s feet and exposing all the dirt that has been being swept under it! 



9 thoughts on “Be The Voice: Part One

    1. Oh Tom…I am so sorry you went through that pain! No child ever should! It sounds like you could have used a voice like mine to help! After finding what I went through as a child and out what I found out this weel, I’m being a voice for my loved one, whom I have been being alienated from!


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