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New Garden Friend!


I’ve been in a funk lately feeling like this tiny bee in a jungle of flowers, trying to pollinate some positivity in Life. It cheered me up a bit this morning to see this little guy in our flower garden. It cheered me up more to find a little bug that hitched a ride inside after taking this pic.

Pardon the odd angle at times but hey, it’s plants so angle doesn’t really matter! It’s getting hotter than Hades up in my neck of the woods but I’m not complaining much, for at least it’s not 20 below! Hope you all stay cool this weeken!

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Kick a Cone Instructional

Top of the Saturday morning to ya! I hope today find you all alive and well. It’s a rainy day here in our neck of the Adirondacks, so I’ll be doing some creative writing here and there in between chasing around my 4 year old.

Yesterday I mentioned how the bridge by our road has been closed and I was incorrect that it has been opened back up, for the work is not done. Aurora and I ventured down the road to take a video for your entertainment on how to kick a cone. The instructions are quite easy:


  1. Sneak past a closed bridge
  2. Find a pine cone
  3. Raise foot
  4. Gleefully shout “KICK A CONE!” as you kick
  5. Repeat as necessary

Refer to video below for visual instruction:


Life is too short to be serious all the time, especially when you have kids. Their childhood flies by so fast, so why not give them some silly memories to fondly look back upon when they get older? Take your kids outside, away from their electronics. Thankfully, Aurora does not have her head stuck in any electronics unless she is watching her kid shows on the tablet while I work.

A little off note but I was shocked the other night when I was picking up some free stuff (coffee cups and an organizer) from the side of the road at a daycare, the lady came outside to chat with us. She said that she is stopping the daycare after summer and then went on to say that she has tons of play stuff and art stuff for the kids, but they all want to be stuck in their electronics all day! That broke my heart, that kids at Aurora’s age are more interested in technology than reading or playing with each other. The lady said that she’s even had to tell parents to leave the devices at home, which should not even be an issue. But, my opinion on electronics is a blog for another day, and I bid you all to have a lovely day!

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Kick a Cone!


The bridge by our place has been under construction for a couple of weeks now, causing the road to be closed and a bonus to that is, Aurora and I have been able to enjoy the road all to ourselves to walk on. There’s just one house right past the bridge, and then no one for miles on this road. The only thing I love more than walking in Nature is to have the road all to myself!

The pine cones had gathered in the road, being that they had not been being disturbed. I don’t know why but the 1st day we saw these pine cones in the road, I raised my foot and shouted “KICK A CONE!” and kicked a cone as hard as I could. Aurora quickly followed suit and it became a game. It’s been Heaven owning the road, just she and I, without having to worry about motorists. (The only thing I ever worry about on this road is the coyotes that I know that live around here)

The other day when we were walking, I thought it would be neat to get a shot of the cones at their level, so I laid down right in the middle of the road with Aurora alongside me and took some shots. The only thing I worried about running me over was a snake or a spider as I took my pictures. 

While taking this shot, I realized the beauty of it all, having all the serenity to ourselves. People nowadays are so stuck with their heads down looking at their electronics, that they miss simple beauty like this. I myself, often have my head in the clouds so to speak, searching the skies when I am not admiring the Nature around me. 

Here was this cone, basking in the late afternoon sun, screaming at me to take a pic. As I laid there on my belly, I realized the different perspective that these cones in the road now have. Once upon a time, they were high up in the trees, overlooking the world. Now these cones have a different perspective as they lay in the road, being spared getting run over by cars, for the time being.

The bridge is now fixed and the road is open again so the road will no longer be ours. (In all fairness, sometimes we walk for a half an hour on this road and not see another soul!) I appreciate the opportunity I had to get down to these cones’ level and see the world in a different way. I also appreciate the fact that my phone did not get thrown out of panic when a spider ran over my arm! 

Take the time to kick a cone and let loose! Take a chance and get on your belly to take a shot of a different perspective than you’re used to seeing of the world! Life is too short to be somber all the time and sometimes, simple things like kicking a cone can make you smile. Take a moment to be thankful for the world around you, no matter what your view of it is. 

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Happy 1st Day of Summer/Birthday?

It’s calendar summer here in the Adirondacks! I specify “calendar” because our weather does not go according to the calendar. For example, 1st day of spring is March 20, but we usually have a good month or 2 of winter before the weather gets agreeable around here. It has felt like summer on and off here, with it being 90 this past Monday, but then being a cool 60 the next day and feeling like autumn.

I am aware of one of my followers being in Florida where apparently lupine does not grow (at least that she has seen) so that was my inspiration for my 1st day of summer post. The lupine will soon give way to more beautiful wildflowers and I can’t wait. I hope you enjoy this, Louis(a) (I am not sure what you call yourself) and happy summer solstice from my little nook here in the Adirondacks! Aurora, however, wishes you all happy birthday (so if anyone reading this today and it happens to be your birthday, happy birthday!)


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Chirping Chippy

Top of the Tuesday morning to ya! I salute my coffee to you all and must profess, I got nothing for you today, except this cute chipmunk video that I shot over the weekend. 


I’ve been thinking that I may make more videos for my YouTube channel to add to blog posts, since there doesn’t seem to be a limit on data. Ok, so a little brief on this video…I was walking by my neighbor’s house, saw this chipmunk under their bird feeder and stalked it to get this video.  Yesterday I bought peanuts to go back and bribe it with more footage so I’ll be planning to do that sometime this week when it’s not melting weather like yesterday was or raining like it looks like it wants to do today. 

I’m having one of those days where either I don’t feel like writing much or I seem to be having writer’s block, I’m not sure which. It has been exactly a month today that I have been doing my blog consistently, with only taking 3 days off from writing for the whole time. I guess that’s not that bad, to have only taken 3 days off from blogging in a month and at least I have been accomplishing my goal to discipline my writing habits as of late.

I’m curious to hear from other writers: what do you do when you have writer’s block? Do you walk away from your screen or do you try to push through it? I tend to walk away from it, to avoid frustration. I’m open to any suggestions to try and curious as to how other writers face writer’s block. Inquiring minds want to know!