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Let’s take a moment to discuss a controversial topic-breasts, of the human kind. That’s right, I wrote it, BREASTS! Boobs. Boobies. Ta-tas. Titties. Tits. Knockers. Jugs. Melons. Hooters. The list goes on, referring to the female anatomy, even though men have them too (when they have noticeable ones that we call moobs).

Men and women both have breasts and nipples, (men can even have mammary ducts, though those stop developing when puberty hits) the difference being that with the onset of puberty, a women’s breasts develop to be able to lactate to feed their offspring. They are not sexual organs in a woman, but rather, a secondary sexual characteristic, being that they are not used in conceiving a child.

The definition of indecent exposure is defined as exposure of one’s genitals, which does not include breasts. It’s legal for men to go topless in public and yet in some states, a woman can still get arrested for indecent exposure. Why is that, I wonder? It’s because we live in a sexist society, that applauds men for showing off their pectorals and shame women for a natural thing like breastfeeding. Moreover, it’s mostly men that sexualize those breasts and then make the laws that penalize a women for exposing hers in public! 

breastfeed pic that go reported

The above picture was taken in August of 2014, when my youngest child was about 8 months old. We often are outdoors in nature, and this day was no exception. It was a beautiful day and my baby girl and I went for a hike. Along the way she got hungry, so we stopped by this serene spot so she could nurse.

I am one to err on the side of prude rather than being an exhibitionist, and was always very discreet when feeding my babies in public, or, even in nature as you can see in this picture. There were times I’d be right in the store feeding my baby, walking around, and people would take no notice, until they would walk up to say hi and saw what I was doing. 

Apparently, someone got offended about my picture on Facebook when I posted it, and reported it for nudity.

reported photo 

It’s obvious that the person did not even pay attention to my photo and was under the assumption that I have some giant breasts! (I wish) The only nudity in this picture is the top of my baby’s naked head!!!!

Please, people, let’s stop this breastism (I word I proudly made up just for this post!) Stop sexualizing a woman’s breasts, because they are not sexual organs. They are not play things or boy toys for guys to gawk at! They are organs meant to sustain a baby with their mama’s milk, and a woman should not be chastised about it, if she happens to show them off. After all, men proudly parade around shirtless, showing off their 6-pack pectorals (or not in some cases, which is fine too, not everyone has an Apollo body!) so why can’t a woman go topless, should she choose to? 

What’s your opinion about breastism, and, do you like my word I made up today?

8 thoughts on “BREASTISM

  1. I often make up my own words too, that is a good one you came up with. I call the boobies, ninnies…Always have. I figured that my children would get looked at with crossly if they went around saying boo-bee, so I made up this word. Nin-nys is how you might would spell it.
    Glad to see that another person makes their own words, lol.
    Good point in your post.

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