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ENTER: #project_avocado

It is a personal game of mine on Instagram, to come up with new hashtags that no one else has ever used. I’m not too sure why I do this, whether it’s an OCD thing or I am just being creative, but at last count a couple months ago, I was in the 40’s of how many I created. (Stay tuned for, “The List” soon! I just got an inspiration!) 

I got the inspiration to try my hand at growing an avocado tree from someone on Instagram, who was attempting to root an avocado, which had sprouted a little after a few weeks (from what she could recall, she said she didn’t track it) I bought a couple of avocados from the local grocery store, since they were on sale (2/$4) and a wee bit past their prime. 

I have found that seeds seem to root faster when already sprouted or close to sprouting inside the fruit. I planted a mango seed last month, and the sproutling will be a month old tomorrow. Another time, over the summer, I planted a pepper sproutling that I had found inside of a pepper just to see of it would grow. It fared decently, untill it hit the bulb of an Easter Lily that I had forgotten about (and also has started rooting it’s thick, white shoots) I wanted my mango tree to have a chance at thriving and being fruitful outdoors. 
After much careful consideration, I have picked the mango tree’s forever home to be in sunny California, rather than the tundra-half-the-year Adirondacks, where she would have zero chance of surviving. 
I have been inspired to start #project_avocado to also send a couple of avocado trees to join the mango, should they survive. I was curious if one of the avocado seeds would root in a wet paper towel like my mango did, and also curious just how long, if, the other seed would root in water. I gently peeled away the fleshy part, being careful not to harm the seed in case it had started a root.

The one on the left has a root starting, so I put that one in the water, and the other, wrapped in wet paper towels and kept in a tied up plastic bag. 
Now…the wait begins.


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