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Freelance, or not to Freelance?

As any writer will tell you, contrary to popular belief, writing is HARD to do, and especially to make a living doing so. It’s a cut-throat world out there and a lot of people are competing to be read, and to make their “bread”.

I have decided recently (not-so-impulsively) to try to give freelance writing a try. I say “not-so-impulsively” because I had decided to look into it a few years ago and was easily discouraged. I came across scam after scam and sites promising “free” info, only to have links to other sites that you had to pay. That was just to try to LOOK online for freelance writing jobs that were legit. Being that I had a job outside of the home at the time, I put it on the back burner for future reference, should I ever acquire the patience to sort through so many websites.

I researched a little today and came across a site with tips to blogs that would pay at least $50 per post. I have a lot more research to do on other sites and check out what is for real or not. There are freelance writers out their writing their freelance pieces, and they found out about calls for submissions from somewhere!

Once site intrigued my by not only offering $100 if your piece gets accepted, the content caught my attention as well. They want submissions of lists, consisting of at least ten items that must be at least 150 words each, writer’s choice of subject.

It got me to thinking: what would I make a list for, or of? What kind of random facts tied together by a unified subject would I care to research and write about? How could I turn this opportunity for a submission into something bigger down the road?

I have a lot of brainstorming and research to do to start on my venture to attempt freelance writing. I have always liked writing but feel I never put enough effort into it because it had no purpose. This venture could be a springboard to launch me into something bigger and better to make me MY bread!


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