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The Resiliance of the Human Spirit

“To Friendships Near and Far”

It is amazing how resilient the human spirit can be. Our spirit will take a beating from life when it brings us down. We tolerate and accept it, holding everything in to keep that façade that we are okay to others. We hold back our tears, hoping things will get better.

Then it happens; the levy breaks and all of those emotions pour forth beyond our control.  Negative emotions release in the flood of tears that have been locked away from the world. We feel weak, broken, hopeless, lonely and lost as those tears gush. We don’t see an end in sight and we cry until our faces are swollen like we’ve been punched in our tear ducts, and then we cry more.

When the tears finally dry from exhaustion and we are out of tissues, we collect ourselves and move on. We try to fix and eliminate the problems that caused us to break down in the first place. We lick our wounds and hope to heal, as we trudge on. We pray not to be that sad again. We realize that we are human; imperfect in our emotions and flawless in our resilience.

I have a very dear Facebook friend, Jenn Lepage, that is the very definition of resilience. She had been suffering from endometriosis for a good many years now, and has had many surgeries, all to no avail to alleviate the problem. Her stomach is a mess and she cannot eat real food anymore. She is in constant pain from everything and yet, in light of all of her suffering, she remains positive. Jenn is the type of friend, that cares and reaches out to others, even when she herself is suffering beyond tears at times. We met in high school and though we weren’t friends then, thanks to Facebook, we are now.

Jenn sometimes passes the time by making rubber band friendship bracelets. I received the above one yesterday, with a nice card and cute stickers (I’m guessing those were for Baby Girl for me to use in her book that I’m writing to her?) and it totally made my day! I shall always treasure it Jenn, and think of you and your beautiful soul when I look at it!

I post random pics of mine to Jenn sometimes to try to make her smile, because she likes my photography. I know it’s not going to fix things, but if I can make her smile, that makes me smile. Jenn is expecting twin grandbabies this summer, which is such hope and motivation for her to keep on keeping on, and she has invited me to CT for the baby shower, so that we can visit and I can take photos of such a memorable occasion.

Here’s to friendships, near and far:

“There are good ships and wood ships,  and ships that sail the sea,

but the best ships are friend ships, and may they always be!” old Scottish salute to friendship



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