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Enter: The Calla Lily


Calla Lily Starter
Calla Lily Starter

I received this beautiful Calla Lily kit for Easter, and thought that today would be a perfect day to start it, being that the weather is finally going to let up and be more like spring. I have never tried to grow a flower from seed (or bulb, as in this case) and I am very excited and nervous about it. I have no idea how long it should take for the lily to sprout, but once it does, I have a perfect place for it to get the 6-10 hours of daylight a day! For now, it has to just be in a bright area, not in direct sunlight.

So begins my venture with my Calla Lily! I not only look forward to having some new lilies soon, I look forward to the photo ops that shall accompany them! I have never seen these lilies before and I am curious as to how they smell, like if they have a strong floral fragrance like my Easter Lily did. Time soon shall tell!



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