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Jumping Spider Pose

jumping spider_049
Jumping Spider

The highlight of yet another dreary day was finding this little gem of a spider, jumping around in Baby Girl’s bouncy seat. I am not joking that this spider was tiny. It was smaller than the smallest of a newborn infant’s nails, and then, maybe even smaller than that. When I caught this spider jumping in the corner of my eye I almost thought it was a speck of dust hopping around. When I realized what it was, I grabbed my camera. By then, Baby Girl had caught wind that something was up; something is ALWAYS up when Mama makes a mad dash to grab her camera!

I was able to coax the spider onto my baby ivy plant, in hopes of discouraging those pesky little aphids that my plants have been dealing with. I welcome this little spider if it means that it will help my plants out. I also welcome this little spider as long as it STAYS a little spider LOL!


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