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Snowflake Hugs

snowflake 1_047
Snowflakes on an April Morn

Since I really started dedicating myself to my blog and writing everyday, I oftentimes find myself brainstorming about ideas to write about. I don’t usually plan my blogs out and write them on the spur of the moment when I  get up each day.

This morning was no exception; it was the first thing on my mind before I had even gotten out of bed.  I found myself thinking out loud, “Hmm…what am I gonna blog about today?” Baby Girl rolled over and grabbed me and declared, “HUGS!” Still thinking out loud, I said, “Hmm, good idea but how would I incorporate that into a blog?”

We ventured forth to start our daily routine and as I looked out our front door and saw snow on the neighbor’s roof, I grumbled. “Look’s like snow is in the blog forecast today!” I don’t usually grumble about the snow, but in all fairness, we waited all winter for winter to come! There is a time and a reason for every season, and the time for snow is just not now, says me. Mother Nature, however, says otherwise, for she always has the last say.

Just as we were about to embrace spring with open arms, snowflakes hug my windowsill, if evenfor just one more time. Winter is weak at grasping at the seasonal helm, and Spring is eager to take over the reigns. Let’s just hope that this bit of last minute “winter” snow does not kill the flowers that have been fooled into thinking that Spring has finally arrived.  Hopefully, this will be the last snow pic that I have to post before I start flooding my blog with flower pics. 🙂


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