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Almost Every Color of the Rainbow Stew

stew april 2_044
Almost Every Color of the Rainbow Stew

They say you should eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies in your diet, and last night’s dinner was no exception to that. I always try to incorporate at least a few colors into my meals and last night, I incorporated all but blue and purple. Here’s what this delicious and very filling stew had  in it:

RED: peppers

ORANGE: carrots

YELLOW: peppers, yellow eyed beans, nutritional yeast,  curry, ginger

GREEN: peppers, peas, lentils, basil, oregano

WHITE: potatoes, onions

BROWN: whole grain wheat rotini, peanuts, sunflower/pumkin seeds

This stew was pretty time consuming, as it took me several hours to make, but it was very well worth the wait! I made enough to feed a little mini-vegan army and we have enough leftover to last a few days. I’m happy to report that this experiment was a successful one! 🙂 Delicious, nutricious and animal free! 🙂




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