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Don’t Be Fooled

April Fool’s Day…the one day of the year that people get to play pranks and get away with it. How did it start? It’s debatable just exactly when it started, but it started at least several hundred years ago. Whether the where and when of the origin of April Fool’s is known or not, it is practiced worldwide in a similar manner.

I have never been much of a prankster myself; I don’t really have the imagination for it. As circumstances permitted four years ago at my old job, I was able to pull a good one off.

I worked as a night manager at a gas station/convenience store at the time. On this particular night, I was working with my co-worker, Sam. We had found a dog roaming around in our parking lot and had to call the local police to come pick him up, as our town did not have a dog catcher at the time. The police came and pick him up.

A little while later, a mischievous idea popped into my head as I realized a great opportunity to play a prank for the first time ever. I told Sam that the police had contacted the store (conveniently when she was outside on her smoke break) and said that there was a reward for the dog being found. I told her that they needed her to call back to be able to collect her award.

Well, she DID call them to collect her reward. They were confused as to why she was calling them and told her no, there was no reward. Needless to say, while she was steaming mad at me that I had actually gotten her, I couldn’t help but to laugh! I really had not thought that she would have been that gullible to believe me and actually call for the reward.

She got me back that night though…she used a prank call app on her phone and called our boss with it from the work number. My boss was not too pleased and called the store to find out what the call was all about, why I had called her. She couldn’t understand how the work number showed up on her phone if I hadn’t called her. She hadn’t believed me about it until I explained the prank I pulled on Sam, and how she retaliated with her crank call.

I am fondly giggling to myself, as I recall this memory of the one and only prank that I ever pulled off. Are you a prankster? What have you ever done as an April Fool’s joke? Please share, I’m sure myself and others could use a good laugh (and idea) to celebrate today!



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