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Mad Botanist?!

Apparently, I am not only a mad scientist in the kitchen, I’m also a mad botanist. I use that term VERY loosely, as I don’t know the first thing about plants. I have only owned plants for about a year now.

I’ve been noticing these little gnat looking bugs (I think aphids maybe?) around my plants, mostly around my ivies and my gold dust plant.12495927_10205294638466170_3408114667551179953_o

Tonight when I was watering a few of my plants at the kitchen sink, I noticed the bugs flying out from the opening at the bottom where you can put the water in instead of pouring it on the top of the soil.

I don’t know why, but all of sudden I thought, “Hmm…I wonder if my powdered ginger would ward them off at all?” I’m not too sure where my thinking was going with that, other than the fact that maybe the smell would ward them off and discourage them from returning and maybe be a natural alternative to chemicals?

I sprinkled the ginger generously on the soil to set my experiment in progress. I noticed the bugs immediately scatter into the air around my plants, which usually never happens when I am handling my plants.

My mad botanist experiment starts and I am curious as to the outcome. I really hope the ginger doesn’t ruin the soil or my plants at all. I just checked them, and I didn’t see any signs of anything flying around at all or scurrying around in the soil like I have been seeing the past couple weeks. If all else fails, at least my plants smell good!



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