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Time Doesn’t Exist

What is your perspective of time? does it really exist? Is it just a manmade concept?

Through a Kid's Perspective

If you go up to someone and ask them “What time is it”, they might say it’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon, or something like that. There is where we might be wrong. Time is based on our perspective, which a minute is 60 seconds, a day is 24 hours, a week is about 365 days long, etc. But to an elephant, a day might be 10 hours, because they perceive things slower. To a fly, on the other hand, a day might be around 50 hours or more. You can see this in action when you try to hit a fly. They just simply fly out of the way when you try to hit them. To them, your hand might be going two times slower than you see it as. They can just fly out of the way.

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