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Sometimes Life is Coffee

Ahhh the joys of being a parent of a toddler, and all the heart attacks and headaches that come along with it. Toddlers can be quite noisy one minute, and then make you worry the next when they are being quiet and every horrible scenario plays out in your head as to what trouble they are getting into.

I learned a long time ago that quietness usually equates to trouble, and Baby Girl has been no exception. A couple times lately while being busy doing chores, Baby Girl thought she would help me garden my roses. Let’s just say that white is a terrible color for a rug with a toddler around, and dirt does not clean easily. I managed to save my roses from perishing (Baby Girl had practically uprooted them) and now they are thriving.

A couple days ago, I was busying myself with work, while Baby Girl toddled around as she always does. I went to the kitchen to get a drink and noticed a couple piles of “dirt” on the floor in the hallway and in my room. My mind raced as I thought the worst of whichever plant had met its fate with Baby Girl. I looked around and saw no evidence of a plant anywhere. I went out to the living room to do a quick head count of my plants: one, two…ten…ok, they were all there, undisturbed.

Upon further inspection I realized that it was coffee, not dirt on the rug and vacuumed it up, looking for the container and not finding it. Baby Girl had managed to stump me. I went to the fridge, and lo and behold, there was the empty Maxwell House Instant coffee container, right in the door where I had left it. Sneaky little Baby Girl, thinking she was outwitting her caffeine needing Mama. Like I wouldn’t have noticed that all my coffee was gone the next time I went to make a cup?

You see, sometimes Life is not the dirt in the white carpet that it appears to be. Sometimes, Life  is a clever little coffee caper, dumped into little piles on the rug, tricking us into thinking that it’s more of a mess than it really is!



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