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Happy St. Pattie’s Day 2016!

Ahhh…It’s the day of the Great Saint Patrick, the one day of the year that all who are not can pretend to be Irish, and a day that’s just another day to those who are. I  fall into the latter category and often enjoy being Irish, from my love of the spirits to my fiery red temper, with freckles to boot! St. Patrick’s day happens to be my favorite holiday of the year, next to Halloween, and I love joviality of it all.

Mmm…corned beef and cabbage…wait, this is my first vegan St. Patties Day, there shall be no corned beef for me today! I had not put much though in how I would celebrate the holiday with a vegan meal. All I knew when I woke up was that I have some new wine to critique whatever I would decide to make tonight. All I was sure was, there would definitely be potatoes and carrots involved!

I had soaked some white beans and lentils yesterday and had planned on using some of them today for our holiday meal. I have never made soup before that didn’t come from a can, so I thought I’d try my hand at it today.

Well, all I know at this moment in time is, the wine is delicious and the soup smells promising! Stay tuned for the recipe tomorrow in The Thought Gallery! Happy St. Pattie’s Day to all, and be safe!


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