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Tofu Tuesday

Are you looking for nutritious and delicious new recipes? Are you looking to maybe consume less meat but still have a healthy alternative for a meal? Introducing, Tofu Tuesday! Tofu can be scary at first to try, (the only think so far in my venture into veganism that has scared me) but once you play around with different ways to prepare it; can be quite delicious! I can be used as a meal, a smoothie and desserts to name a few.

I came up with this idea the other day after I heard of meatless Mondays to encourage people to eat a little less meat. I thought, “Why not Tofu Tuesday to also encourage people to eat a little less meat?” I encourage you and your friends, to try out Tofu Tuesday and tag any recipes you come up with Tofu Tuesday

Tonight I have company coming over for my first official Tofu Tuesday. I am preparing an eggplant and carrot curry sauce to put over some pasta with some sautéed onions, peppers and tofu.

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out how it went!


3 thoughts on “Tofu Tuesday

  1. Mmm I hope you post the recipe, that sounds awesome! I have curry spices and so far I only have one recipe in my arsenal… it was a simple yellow curry, but it still was pretty good! Good luck and fun idea!

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  2. I will post for sure tomorrow, with a pic! I have already started typing it down. I just need to finish cooking so I can take a pic and have some (hopefully) delicious dinner. (It smells good so far!)


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