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Cat Therapy

It’s been almost six months since we had to say good-bye to our dear feline friend, Smokey.

As coincidence would have it, our landlord also has a cat named Smokey (pictured below) that loves our attention when we visit. Often I will tell my landlord that I stopped in to get some kitty love because I miss having a cat around. I have always been such a cat person. I would almost dare to say, I sometimes connect better with creatures of the feline kind, rather than my human peers.Yesterday was one of those days, and I had intentions of getting a pic of Baby Girl with Smokey, as they are buddies. Hi Fives to you too, my dear feline friend! (He was jumping for much anticipated treats)

This Smokey is good therapy for me missing our Smokey, and I think it’s about time we welcome a new furry friend to share our lives with! 🙂

jumpin Smokey_014


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