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Life is Sometimes Glitter

life is glitter_012.JPG

Ahhh the joy of makeup, how it makes one look and feel prettier! Yesterday, I was in the midst of having a mental meltdown from having to deal with a thorn in my life.

My neighbor who is also my baby girl’s cousin, was over our place doing her makeup to get ready for work. Naturally, Baby Girl is quite a curious little toddler, and must investigate everything. I don’t wear makeup very often, but I do have some eye glitter that I’m very fond of (partly cuz I lucked out and got it for half price, for 5 little tiny jars of it) and my neighbor was trying some on.

All it takes is one second to turn around and POOF! Glitter everywhere! Though I was in an irritable mood, I found it to be funny, and pretty all the same. I figured, what the hell, a photo op and…at least it’s not poop!

Life is not always roses…sometimes it’s just a bunch of pretty glitter on your carpet!


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