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Spring Anew

First tulips2016_009

As it rains today, I just can’t help but to be happy that new little flowerlings above, are getting water they will need to grow. I am still in amazement, that it is the tenth of March, and we have TULIPS growing already!

I have never been around flowers very much, as far as gardens go. If I’m out and about and see a flower I like, I stop and admire it. My knowledge of plants is limited, so I have been trying to learn more over the past year, with my neighbor’s garden being my muse for my curiosity.


These beauties were making their appearance in the snow, last April. They were in my neighbor’s garden and I was curious as to what they were. I posted it on Facebook to ask around and got some mixed answers, so, with bated breath, I waited for them to grow and reveal themselves.

So, any guess as to what these beautiful specimens are? I’ll give you a hint, they are colorful and eye catching, and such a delight to see!


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