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Life is Full of Thorns


I should like to think of myself as usually an even tempered person. I don’t get angry often, but boy when I do, my Scorpio temper is like napalm, leaving devastation in my wrath. I am a very patient person and can tolerate a lot, up to a certain boiling point.

I am having a bit of a rough day with family drama going on, but as I look across my living room and see my beautiful roses, my anger subsides a bit. I realize that people are not so unlike roses.  Like roses, some people are the rose, and some are the thorns. I just happen to be dealing with a thorn pricking me today. Life is also like a rose. It has its thorns, but it also has beauty in it like a rose.



3 thoughts on “Life is Full of Thorns

    1. Thank you! I’m hanging in there, keeping my cool…my plants are very calming and therapeutic for me! I mean, look at that rose, how could anyone be angry! I know things will eventually work out (I hope) !

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