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Adirondack Weather is Bipolar


Yesterday, I shot tulips coming up, today, a bit of snow. The weather here in the Adirondacks can be quite bipolar. Flowers one day, snow the next. I am thankful it was just a bit of flurries, but still, I’m ready for spring! I yearn to get outside, feel the warm sun upon my face and the cool breeze blow through my hair. I yearn for the beautiful photo ops that I know that Mother Nature will be showing us soon. I yearn for the smell and beauty of flowers and trees in bloom. I have cabin fever so bad, that I feel like I am just gonna die of anticipation for spring…and the sad part is, winter was not really winter-like for us Adirondackers this year, which makes me think we are gonna have a helluva hot summer in store for us, which I do not yearn for.


In the meantime, I will appreciate the beauty of my Kordana mini-roses in the comfort of my own living room! 🙂


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