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First Sign of 2016 Spring

CJ Kitty_005

Usually up here in the Adirondack mountains, we have long and cold winters…a lot of the time, being the coldest spot in the U.S.! We have been known to have snow from October till at least April. This winter has been uncanny with its mildness and lack of snow. Yes, we had our little bout of 20 below zero weather, and maybe a few inches of snow for the whole season, when usually, we get FEET!

I live next door to a very nice woman, who has a VERY beautiful flower garden. She often would find me in her garden shooting flowers and bees and whatnot last year after we moved in. I have missed the flowers all winter long, and cannot wait to see them again this year!

I wouldn’t be looking for flowers already, being that it is only the ninth of March, but much to my delight and wonderment this afternoon, I spotted flowers peeking through the soil in my neighbor’s garden! ย Another reason why I have been anxious to see spring is because, I have had my first DSLR camera since December, and have been looking forward to taking some nature shots.

So here it is…my first sign of spring!



2 thoughts on “First Sign of 2016 Spring

  1. Stay tuned to The Thought gallery, cuz there’s gonna be an awful lot of flower postings in the future…My photography teacher send me his old Nikon d40 that was just sitting in his shed, so I have a dslr to work with this year! I have been waiting since I got it in December! ๐Ÿ™‚


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