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Banana Smoothie Bread

Banana Smoothie Bread

Apologies for no posts lately, life happens sometimes. I have been creating new vegan”experiments” in the kitchen lately, which is very entertaining at times. I say experiment, because I feel like a mad scientist trying to come up with new formulas for me and my baby girl to eat.

One thing that we are very fond of in our new vegan diet, are smoothies. We have them every day. I like to make them the night before and let them chill in the fridge to enjoy for breakfast. I have noticed something about my banana smoothies: when left overnight in the fridge, it becomes the consistency of pudding.

As I was pouring my breakfast banana smoothie yesterday (more like plopping it, I had to add more soy milk to it) I was thinking that I may have accidentally found a way to make vegan pudding. Then I thought, “Hmmm….I wonder how this deliciousness would fare in a bread?” I set to it later on in the afternoon.

I was pleasantly surprised at the results, and now have a keeper for banana bread in my recipe book. It was easy to make, and came out moist and delicious!

For starters, you need your smoothie mix. I blended 2 bananas and about 4 cups of soy milk and set in fridge over night. I also had added a bit of ground ginger and some cinnamon to the mix.

To make the bread:


2 cups of smoothie mix

2 cups of flour

1/2 cup sugar

1 tsp baking soda

spices: nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice to taste (to be honest, I never measure stuff like that, it’s all trial and error at this point)

Mix the dry ingredients, and then mix in the smoothie mix. Put mix in greased bread pan (I use olive oil to grease, and used a smaller bread pan) and bake in preheated oven for an hour. Cool in pan for ten minutes, then put on a plate to finish cooling.



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    1. Why thank you very much! Feel free to follow me, as I’m always making up some kind of concoction in the kitchen. This bread was absolutely delicious to eat! I tried a chocolate bread yesterday with chickpea flour to make it gluten-free as well as vegan, but, that’s an experiment I need to go back to the drawing board for LOL! stay tuned to the Thought Gallery and feel free to follow me and share and of my posts that you wish to. I welcome people to try my recipes and let me know what they think! Hope you are having an excellent day, because, you know what, you just made my day when I just looked at my notifications! I’m having a bit of a rough day and your positive feedback is much appreciated! 🙂

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