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Winter and homemade applesauce

It looks like winter has finally decided to make an appearance! It dipped down to about 0F degrees last night, and the chilly temps look like they are here to stay.

I hope that 2016 is finding you all in good health and spirits. My 2016 is going well so far. I’m proud to say that my toddler and I (Baby Girl…aka BG from here on out, as I am not going to give away my family member’s names to the whole world) have been officially transitioned into veganism, and have been meat, egg and dairy free since New Year’s Eve. I can honestly say, that I feel healthier now than I ever have in my whole life. I have probably eaten more fruits and veggies in the past week than I ever have in any other given week in my lifetime.

I appreciate the support from fellow vegans, and I appreciate the outpour of concern for mine and BG’s health and well being. I appreciate the concern that this diet won’t be “healthy” for us and I have to say, RELAX people! I am a very smart, intelligent and determined woman. When I get it in my mind to do something, I DO it! I do my research to make myself informed. Google is my best friend, and I always check at least a few sources of any topic that I am inquiring about.

How can a diet full of healthy food not be healthy? How can cutting out fat and cholesterol from our diet not be healthy? Anything that you need for nutrients is in all of the plants, seed, nuts and grains out there. You only need to do your research and educate yourself. In this day and age of technology, there is absolutely no excuse to remain ignorant about things.

I can honestly say that after I watched videos of slaughterhouses, I will never eat another burger again! After seeing videos of mother cows crying because their calf was taken away so that humans can steal her milk to consume, I will never have another glass of dairy milk again. I will not further contribute to the 6 BILLION animals that are executed for consumption each YEAR! Yes, folks, that’s in ONE year! Do the math on how many animals have been slaughtered since meat started to be a business!

My favorite ventures of veganhood is the fun of making up delicious, nutritious and animal free recipes. I can honestly say that a couple things I have tried were not very successful, but I have posted the things that I have tried and liked so far. Right now, I am working on some crockpot applesauce and will post the recipe later on when it’s done cooking.

Got any of your own vegan treats? Drop a comment below so that you can share!


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