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The Awe of Childhood Magic

Having a 21 month old baby girl who is enthralled by anything Tinker Bell makes me wish that fairies really did exist. Having a not-so-baby girl who just turned 17 reminds me that they don’t exist.

Children often get lost in the awe of childhood magic. They find magic in just about everything around them and then all of a sudden, the magic is gone. Where does the magic and awe disappear to? Nowadays, little is left to the imagination when you can literally Google everything under the sun! (I actually just did Google everything under the sun and the first results that popped up were for a box set by Sublime)

An annoying blister on my right big toe distracts my train of thought. I stop writing to tend to it and pop it for the 4th time since yesterday. It is calloused but keeps swelling back up with fluid anyway. I suspect that the culprit would be my sneakers that are causing the blistering on my toe, since I have not worn them in several months. My feet have worn nothing but flip-flops and my Keen sandals. My feet, particularly my right one, doth protest the sneakers.

As I watch the puss pool out from the safety pin made puncture, it hits me; Life is full of blisters and is not always rainbows and butterflies .As the blisters our lives pop and ooze, a callous is formed, letting less and less of the magic in as time goes on. That is what happens to the awe of childhood magic-we grow up and we grow calloused.


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