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Autumn Bliss

I walk. A LOT! I walk every chance that I get to, which is quite often when the weather is agreeable. I love the outdoors and getting fresh air and never pass up an opportunity to do so.

I think. A LOT! I do a lot of that thinking while I am walking. I zone out while I am pushing my baby girl’s stroller and I get lost in thoughts. Sometimes I am thinking about things to write (key word being THINKING here, because most of it never actually gets written down) and other times I just get lost in positive thoughts and thanks for the beautiful weather and the beautiful surroundings around us while we are out walking.

This morning my baby girl and I headed out for a walk on to enjoy some warm, 50 degree sunny weather. I planned to take some pics to test out a new zoom lens that a friend sent to me last week, ( thank you very VERY much Kim D.!!!!) only to realize after we ran our couple of errands that I forgot the memory card at home.

I resigned to mentally brainstorming ideas for my blog as we sauntered along, soaking up some of the last rays of sun before winter takes hold. Like I said before, I am always THINKING about writing, but never WRITING! (interesting fact: I am about 98% thinker and 2% writer) Then it hit me: I need to stop being so much of a THINKER and start being more of a DOER! I need to discipline myself and set aside time each day to do some writing.

Then I got to thinking, just how much writing I can accumulate in just the time that my baby girl naps every day. Being a stay at home mom means that I do not get the time to concentrate on writing while she is awake. (TRUST me, anyone that writes and has kids, does not successfully concentrate on writing whilst a toddler is running around. It is simply not possible to give both the attention that they need!)

My mind then shifted in thanks for the beautiful weather, and for the opportunity to enjoy a nice walk. Autumn is bliss to me, especially  knowing that winter lurks around the corner and that we probably only have about a month more of walkable weather left.

On that note, I head off to edit some photography, since that too, is best done undisturbed. I leave you with this Thought for the Gallery today: It’s okay to be a thinker, as long as you be a doer as well. Life is better lived if it’s not just thought about.


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