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This is a Test

first signs of autumn

This is a test…this whole blog thing. I started it on a whim, after thinking for many months about it. In all actuality, my first blog that I posted yesterday was the actual test of my new blog, when I created my website. To be honest, that post was written in a rush to test out my blog and see how it works. I promise that future posts will have a lot more than a handful of minutes put into them.

When I started up my blog and had to pick a domain name, I felt put on the spot. I had not actually put much thought into what I would name my blog. I like to write little clips of thoughts and then it hit me just like that- The Thought Gallery. What a perfect name for a collection of random thoughts (aka-a blog)! Now I just need to start writing down some thoughts to add to my gallery.

I intend to use The Thought Gallery as a writing exercise, to sharpen my skills and craft. If I have an audience, cool. If not, no big deal, because I am doing it for me, and that’s fine too. An audience is preferred, since if I plan to try to make a living at writing, I need an audience to succeed at it. I have a lot of cool ideas in my head, and that’s the problem; they are in my head and not out on paper making me a living! I started a blog with the intention of getting some of these ideas out of my head and doing something productive with them.

My blog needs work and I know this…I am new at it but I expect that over time as I write more, it will get easier for me to do. I am up in the air about how often to make a post, and then I think-why limit it? Thoughts come and go on a whim as often as I write on a whim. My site will grow as my writing grows so I will just see where it leads me. Welcome to The Thought Gallery!


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