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Life presents us with problems. That’s a fact, and it’s unavoidable. 

A couple years ago, I got a set of lanyard (string? Not sure what to call it?) They have sat in their plastic bags, unused all this time.

Enter my eldest child, who discovered the colorful “string” and asked if she could use them. I obliged and said that she could have it, since it’s not been touched, with the stipulation, that she keep it up and out of her baby sissy’s reach.

As you can see above, that did not happen! I was busy doing housework as Baby Girl had discovered this fun, colorful mischief to get into. She was parading around the house, string wrapped around her arms, like a glamerous Hollywood boa that you see actresses wear.

The string ended up in a messy heap in my kitchen when she was done playing with it. I paused for a moment, deep in thought, looking at the colorful mess, before taking a picture of it and cleaning it up.

Life can be quite a tangle for us at times. We struggle to untangle our problems as we sort through the colorful mess. We only need to be patient, because the tangle will eventually work itself out, with patience and perseverance. 

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The Story Behind #project_avocado

The story behind #project_avocado is, well, still being written, as it unfolds.

According to,  in 2014, there were an estimated 2.7 million American soldiers, soldiers of the wars in Oraq and Afghanistan, of which at least 20% reported to suffer from PTSD and depression ( which usually go hand in hand, alobg with substance abuse).  There are an estimated 8000 reported veteran suicides a year. 

That’s just in America…

My dear friend, Brandon Shonyo, was one of those statistics on April 30, 2016…

PTSD and depression can trap someone in their darkest realms of their mind. They find life to be bleak, and they can feel helpless, stumbling around the dark bumping into things, cursing their darkness.

My photography teacher and mentor, Korey Rowe, is a current statistic, battling his every day darkness in his head. He trudges on through his darkness, trying to encourage others to be inspired. 

Project Avocado started out as a whim, just to see if I can succeed at growing my 1st acocados, but now, it has more meaning. When I discovered that Korey loves plants and they are a sort of therapy, the inspiration hit me. He will be given the avocados to plant in his yard that he may enjoy for many years. 

I thought that it would be a nice gesture to grow plants for other vets as well, that they may have at least a moment’s break from their darkness.

Korey has inspired me, to reach out to others by way of plants, and to be a light in another’s darkness. I want to raise awareness for veteran PTSD, specifically, and to me, the plants represent a chance for healing and growth. 

I am inspired to do this for our current vets to help them heal, and I’m doing it in memory of my friend, Brandon, so that others will not have to know the pain of losing a loved one to suicide!

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ENTER: #project_avocado

It is a personal game of mine on Instagram, to come up with new hashtags that no one else has ever used. I’m not too sure why I do this, whether it’s an OCD thing or I am just being creative, but at last count a couple months ago, I was in the 40’s of how many I created. (Stay tuned for, “The List” soon! I just got an inspiration!) 

I got the inspiration to try my hand at growing an avocado tree from someone on Instagram, who was attempting to root an avocado, which had sprouted a little after a few weeks (from what she could recall, she said she didn’t track it) I bought a couple of avocados from the local grocery store, since they were on sale (2/$4) and a wee bit past their prime. 

I have found that seeds seem to root faster when already sprouted or close to sprouting inside the fruit. I planted a mango seed last month, and the sproutling will be a month old tomorrow. Another time, over the summer, I planted a pepper sproutling that I had found inside of a pepper just to see of it would grow. It fared decently, untill it hit the bulb of an Easter Lily that I had forgotten about (and also has started rooting it’s thick, white shoots) I wanted my mango tree to have a chance at thriving and being fruitful outdoors. 
After much careful consideration, I have picked the mango tree’s forever home to be in sunny California, rather than the tundra-half-the-year Adirondacks, where she would have zero chance of surviving. 
I have been inspired to start #project_avocado to also send a couple of avocado trees to join the mango, should they survive. I was curious if one of the avocado seeds would root in a wet paper towel like my mango did, and also curious just how long, if, the other seed would root in water. I gently peeled away the fleshy part, being careful not to harm the seed in case it had started a root.

The one on the left has a root starting, so I put that one in the water, and the other, wrapped in wet paper towels and kept in a tied up plastic bag. 
Now…the wait begins.

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Clinging by a Thread

After a 3 month hiatus from blogging, I’m ready to get back into the swing of things. It’s been a busy summer, living life going on ventures, tending to my little “jungle” (follow me on Instagram, @junglejennavive and check out my plant ventures!) and working on my photography. 

I took a break from writing my blog, to concentrate on my freelance writing, and earned enough to take Baby Girl and my “Babyson” (who is not so “baby” anymore, being 12 years old!) on vacation to Connecticut to visit my folks. 

The colorful beauty of a spider above, (beauty and spider never being 2 words that I ever have juxtaposed in the same sentence) was in my Mom’s garden. That picture was taken 2 days after we had origionally spotted it, in its full web. It rained, and when we went to look for it, we found it hanging on but a few threads, dinner in mouth. 

Sometimes life rains upon us and we find ourselves clinging onto a few threads. Like the spider clings to its web, we must cling to our threads of life, with the gumption to eat at the same time. 

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Finally Living Up to Her Name


Happy Friday! I hope this day finds you all in great spirits!

This beauty here measuring in at almost twenty inches and is finally starting to live up to the “purple” part of her name! She is six weeks old today. It’s just amazing to have watched it grow from this:

"Calla Lily Sproutling"

It is truly amazing to be able to witness such a blessing of life! I seriously had not expected to have had flowers already, after reading that it could take up to two years to mature and flower. I am definitely going to be keeping these Calla Lilies perpetually in my little jungle!

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Kordana Blooms Again


Greetings from Jenn’s little “jungle”! I happy to report that after a scary couple of run-ins with Baby girl, it has survived its special toddler lovings (in all fairness, she thought she was “helping” me) and is now blooming. Funny thing is, it’s not bi-colored like the last roses were, though it is still beautiful nonetheless.

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Happy Friday to you all from the hot, but beautiful Adirondack mountains in upstate New York! It looks like we have totally skipped right from winter to summer, with temps in the 80’s over the past two days! I wont complain though because at least it’s not twenty below zero and we are able to go out amd about.

At week number five, my Callas are nineteen and a half inches at their tallest peak, and there are now three d7stinct flowers with a couple more on the way! The first flower to bloom is the one on the left and it still looks just as beautiful and vibrant as day one!

It’s Memorial Day weekend here in America, that we honor ours lost in  battles. Take the time to thank a vet, and to take a moment to remember those who paod the ultimate sacrifice. Memorial Day is not just about barbecues and beers!

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Top o’ the Sunday morn’ to ya’ll! It is cloudy and forecasted to thunderstorm here in the great Adk’s of the USA!  I am hoping for a good storm, one with thunder that cracks so loud noises t makes you jump out of your seat!

For your viewing pleasure today, my latest pic for my NCPR photo of the day folio. These are purple tulips in my neighbor’s garden that I shot a few days ago. I downloaded the Sony Sketch app for my tablet the other day and edited the tulips to look like a painting. Here’s the original below: (taken with my galaxy tab!)

Oriogional of "Tulip Dream"

As you can see, I cropped and then took the paint brush to it to smudge the background to bring the tulips fro t and center to get the commanded appreciation that they deserve!  See my photo of the day here and cast a vote!