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Chirping Chippy

Top of the Tuesday morning to ya! I salute my coffee to you all and must profess, I got nothing for you today, except this cute chipmunk video that I shot over the weekend. 


I’ve been thinking that I may make more videos for my YouTube channel to add to blog posts, since there doesn’t seem to be a limit on data. Ok, so a little brief on this video…I was walking by my neighbor’s house, saw this chipmunk under their bird feeder and stalked it to get this video.  Yesterday I bought peanuts to go back and bribe it with more footage so I’ll be planning to do that sometime this week when it’s not melting weather like yesterday was or raining like it looks like it wants to do today. 

I’m having one of those days where either I don’t feel like writing much or I seem to be having writer’s block, I’m not sure which. It has been exactly a month today that I have been doing my blog consistently, with only taking 3 days off from writing for the whole time. I guess that’s not that bad, to have only taken 3 days off from blogging in a month and at least I have been accomplishing my goal to discipline my writing habits as of late.

I’m curious to hear from other writers: what do you do when you have writer’s block? Do you walk away from your screen or do you try to push through it? I tend to walk away from it, to avoid frustration. I’m open to any suggestions to try and curious as to how other writers face writer’s block. Inquiring minds want to know!


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Flower Garden Update

Top of the muggy Monday morning to ya! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We made out like bandits finding free tag sale stuff this weekend, but that’s a blog for another day. 

It’s been just about a month since I posted about our flower garden and I am amazed at how it’s coming along. I said we reap what we sow, which means there should be about 10,000 wildflowers in our little flower bed! As you can see, it’s becoming quite a little jungle. It seems that next time I plant wildflower seeds, I should pay attention to how  many are in the box. I put 2 boxes in this garden and I think it’s safe to say, some of them are sprouting!


Here is one of our forbidden lilies that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, coming along nicely! I can’t wait to see them bloom!


Here’s the clump of pink lupine that I rescued from a patch of grass, growing nicely after I cleaned it up and relocated it.


Finally, I leave you with this video that I shot for this post of our garden! Hope you all have a great day!



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Coffee time LIES


LIES! LIES I TELL YOU! Coffee time happens much earlier in my household sometimes…and that was the first thing I said when I got this mug from the Dollar Tree the other day!

Also…it’s tea in my mug at the moment instead of coffee!

I hope today find you all live and well! There is a town wide garage sale in my neck of the woods today, and I’m hoping to score some free stuff later because that’s how I roll on an artist budget. I like to wait until a tag sale is done and people put their leftover wares on the side of the road for free instead of having to haul it back inside.

Call me cheapskate if you will, I call it being thrifty!

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Yellow is for Happiness

Top of the rainy Friday morning to ya! First and foremost, I toast my coffee to my Dad who becomes a septuagenarian today. Yes, I looked up the word for what someone in their 70’s just because of my Dad turning 70 today. So cheers to you Dad, who will probably not see this but will be getting a phone call from me when I am done writing!

Yesterday I posted about our lupine adventure the other day and today I am writing about the 2nd half of that venture. I came across a bit of a problem because I wanted to add a couple of videos of our venture but can’t with my free WordPress subscription. (Hey I’m not complaining, I absolutely LOVE having a free blog and do plan to buy a domain when I get close to my memory being filled) 

“Necessity is the mother of invention”

I got to thinking as to how I could solve this little problem and remembered that I do have a YouTube channel which I have never ever posted to. I posted my couple of vids JUST to be able to share them with you all today! But first, this:


As we rounded the corner from the lupine field, we found some yellow swallowtail butterflies! As a photographer I can tell you that shooting butterflies is up there in difficulty with shooting rainbows. It’s hard to get a good clear shot, especially since they don’t sit still for very long. Yellow Swallowtails are common where we live, and sadly, often common to see dead along the side of the road.


So, after signing the dotted line and giving a few samples of blood to verify my email through YouTube because of me signing in on this laptop, I finally have my videos to share! I maybe not be able to upload right through the WordPress site, but I can add YouTube videos…isn’t technology awesome?!



I obviously need to work on my video skills (which are nonexistent) but at least I figured out how to share with you all! Necessity was my want to share and YouTube was my mother of invention! Funny thing is, I have had my YouTube channel for maybe about 6 or 7 years now and never uploaded any videos and it figures that my first videos uploaded were for a blog! Maybe I will continue to upload videos now, even with having 0 subscribers! It would be a neat archive for myself to have for my kids someday, and offers opportunities for future blog posts

I toast my 2nd cup of coffee, an hour after starting this post, in hopes that you all have an awesome Friday! If you can get out to get some fresh air, be sure to take a moment to be thankful that you woke up today!

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Lupine Love


I am not too sure when I first noticed lupine, probably about 6 or 7 years ago in an old neighborhood. They were always along the side of the road and I loved to look at them. I don’t know what it is about lupines that I like so much. I think that what they lack for I scent (they don’t really have one) they make up for in their tall, spiky, colorful blooms. They come in a variety of vibrant blues, purples, pinks and even white, that I have seen. I think the purple ones are my favorites.

This field of lupines near our apartment caught my eye the other day (when I didn’t have a camera) so yesterday, camera in tow, my youngest and I headed out on a photo venture. We may or may not have trespassed a little bit to take these pics, but no one lives in the house where they are at so, no harm, no foul. 


Aurora usually goofs off in pics, but she smiled wide when I told her to smile for this one. I love to see her enthusiasm that reflects mine for flowers and plants. We enjoy our nature walks and look for as many photo ops as we can. 

When we returned home to look through our pics, I got to thinking about lupine, if they are edible or not. I’ve always been curious about the seeds, for they remind me of beans. After researching a bit, I found out that lupine is in the legume family. I think now I have found the motivation for my love of these flowers-I want to eat them! I am a big fan of beans, so we will be trying some lupine beans after they seed!


Bees and butterflies like the lupine as well! Look at the sacs on that busy bee! He was the only willing participant to get his picture taken, which was fine by me, as I was not going to trudge through a possibly tick ridden field just to chase a bee for a pic!


It’s a rainy day today but I don’t mind. I’m perfectly content to sit at my laptop and write. I’ll be working on the 2nd half of this venture to post for tomorrow, where I’ll attempt to post my first blog video ever! Wish me luck on that and I bid you all a terrific day! If the weather is nice, get out and smell some flowers and hug some trees!

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The Coffee Dilemma


If you are reading this at the moment, it means that the coffee won and I am up, anxiously awaiting for the sunrise. Hey, if the birds are going to be noisy at 5 am, then I might as well get up. I sit downstairs in my office in the dark, with the portable heater on to warm up the morning chill down here. I managed to sneak out of bed without my youngest waking (hey, I co-sleep, don’t judge!) and I almost feel odd that I am not sitting at the table, asking her to please stop banging for 10 minutes so I can get my blog done! I’ll take the impromptu quiet time, even if I still have cobwebs in my eyes. 

I had another blog post planned for today, inspiration courtesy of Karen Urbanski however, I muddled that attempt to try to draw out words that I feel best describe me. I was trying to doodle with my stylus on my LG Stylo 2 but the screen is small and I messed it up trying to zoom in and write. I had thought about just making a list form but that does not seem as though it would be conducive to my creativity. I shall not give up on that and will work on it throughout the rest of the day. I think it’s a neat little exercise, to try to put ourselves into words, and I found it to be a challenge. Of course, the very first word written down was sarcasm! And misspelled! OOPS! Hey, perfectionist is not on there!


I toast my coffee to all of you on this early Wednesday morning and regret to inform you that there will be no illustration of the sunrise this morning, it’s just kinda blah. Some are better than others, and I am just thankful to have woken up this morning to see a blah sunrise. Every day above ground is a good one, no matter the trials and tribulations that others face. Someone, somewhere out there did not have the blessing to wake up this morning, though life goes on for others, so if you happen to be having a bad day, remember that; at least you woke up! Take a moment to close your eyes and be grateful, for whatever adventure the day may bring!

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Chasing Rainbows

Ever since I can remember, rainbows have had a special place in my heart. Their beauty has always fascinated me. I have always chased rainbows my whole life, searching for that imperviable pot of gold. If I would be having a bad day and look up and see a rainbow, everything would be all right, if even just in my head. I have never lost that enthusiasm when I see a rainbow and I geek out just as much now as a 45 year old as I did as a ten year old. 

rainbow is defined as: An arch of colors visible in the sky, caused by the refraction and dispersion of the sun’s light by rain or other water droplets in the atmosphere. The colors of the rainbow are generally said to be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

A couple of years ago, a friend shared a post on Facebook of a rainbow phenomenon in my town, a horizontal rainbow on a clear day. It immediately sparked my curiosity and I put that on my photo bucket list. I have often looked up at the sky during the same time of day to see one but had not…until a couple of days ago. 

The other day, my friend Bill sent me sent me a message that said, “Just a heads up Wayne passed this morning.” Though I was not close with Wayne, a mutual friend of ours that died last September was really close to him. As a matter of fact, our friend’s funeral was the last time I had seen Wayne. We had a bit of a stupid falling out years ago and never spoke again. I found out this news just as I was getting my youngest to bed. A few minutes after laying her down, she yelled to me from upstairs, something about a rainbow. You wanna get me moving? Just shout out “Rainbow!” and tell me to get my camera. I raced upstairs to see what my youngest was calling me for, and see this out of the window:


Not only was it a horizontal rainbow, but a 22 degree halo, of which I’ve had the pleasure of shooting a few times in my life. I stood outside, admiring the rainbows and thinking of my old acquaintance, and feeling bad that we stopped talking years ago. It made me realize that life really is too short, as now I say good-bye to yet another person that is younger than me. As I watched the rainbow starting to fade, I also thought about our friend AJ that passed in September, and I imagined that the disappearing rainbow was Wayne’s soul drifting on to its next adventure, wherever it is that our souls go on to. 


I sat there a few moments on the edge of my neighbor’s front yard, gazing at the rainbows in wonderment. I was sad, but also a bit at peace. It’s hard to articulate into words, the thoughts I was thinking as I was chasing these rainbows. I saw the rainbows as a sign, that somewhere, there IS peace and comfort to those who are suffering. I am sad that the day I got to cross off this rainbow on my bucket list was a day that a friend died, but I am happy that my youngest saw it and alerted me to it, for if she hadn’t, it would have been missed by me. 

Life can be trying at times, we all know this. All of us have problems and struggles in one way or another here on Earth. You only need to look up now and then to see the beauty you may be missing while you have your head down in sadness. Life is short and should not be filled with petty arguments that make people never speak again. One day, those arguments will not matter at all, as we face our time to go. As I watched this rainbow fade, it gave me hope that our souls may go somewhere after here, and that Life does not just end when Death happens. 

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Butterfly with a Broken Wing

I was inspired by a comment on my post yesterday which said, “Suicide is never an intelligent answer. One can find beauty in life without looking very far.” and I headed out to my yard to find some beauty.

I needn’t have strayed any farther than the lilac bush in my yard in search of any beauty, for it was teeming with life. I came across a couple hummingbird moths and yellow swallowtail butterflies and snapped some pics. My neighbor found this beauty on the porch that had landed there sometime during my photo mission and beckoned me over in excitement.


I immediately jumped at the chance to get a good photo of such a magnificent creature. I took a few pics and was wondering why it was just sitting there, letting me snap away. I thought that maybe it had just come out of its cocoon and couldn’t quite fly yet, but then, how would it have gotten on my porch? The spiders are big enough to eat small children around here (ok, that’s an embellishment, but I HAVE seen spiders big enough to make grown men scream like little girls around here, and they will eat a butterfly if given the chance) so I doubted that it had cocooned on the porch. Upon further inspection, I noticed a little hole in its right wing:


In all its beauty, this butterfly was flawed with an injury, rendering it unable to fly, much like some of those around us that suffer from depression. On the outside, they may look like a flawless beauty of perfection, but still have injury that may not be noticeable, if seen at all. I did not know the story of this butterfly, how it got to where we found it on the porch, stranded, unable to fly to safety, only that I wanted to help save it from a predator that would happily chomp this butterfly for a meal. We did what I deemed best to do with this butterfly, we moved it to a safe place in our flowerbed, where it could blend in in hopes of not becoming dinner, until it could fly away. I hoped that it would fly away…


The problem with those that suffer from depression is, it’s often difficult to see the beauty all around them, no matter if it is right in front of them. Depression numbs their senses, making them null to feeling joy where others would. All seems bleak and colors of brightness are faded into shades of gray as they face that darkness of their melancholy. I have been there, and it is not a bright picture to paint.

Beauty IS all around us and we only need to open our eyes and hearts to see it and appreciate it. Nature is full of inspiration. Take the time to stop and look at the bright flowers, to smell their sweet scent, and watch the beings at work around them. Take a deep breath and take it in. Let that breath refresh you as you exhale and relax. Be in the beauty of the moment as you breathe. Take a moment to be thankful for that peaceful moment…breathe and repeat.